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Most parents could really do with some time away from the kids every now and then. Unfortunately, paying to stay in a deluxe spa hotel for some quality you-time can prove to be very expensive, so it’s important that you have somewhere you can retreat to on your own after a hectic day in your very own home.

That’s where creating a child-free sanctuary in your bedroom comes in.

Once you make a space where you and your partner can relax while your kids are having their nap, and where you can also catch up on your own sleep whenever you get the chance, you will find that your energy levels become a lot easier to cope with.

So, ready to set up your very own child-free sanctuary? Here are some tips to help you do just that.

Lighting is a priority

Lighting is important in all of your rooms, but it is absolutely crucial in your bedroom. If the lighting is way too bright, you will find it hard to relax and get to sleep. However, if it is too dark and dim, your room will appear smaller than what it is and quite dingy. It’s a nice idea to install dimmer switches to your lighting as this can help you turn your lighting as bright or as dim as you want it at any time.

Go soft and plush

Next time you need to buy some new furniture for your bedroom, you should look for soft furnishings that are quite plush. You can click this link to find 12 steps to finding the perfect bedroom furniture, but as long as you remember to go soft and plush, you can’t go too far wrong. You will find that a nice soft bed makes it easier to get a good night’s sleep, and soft armchairs can also help create a relaxing ambiance. You might also want to add cosy materials like faux fur and fleece for some extra comfort.

Neutral shades

When it comes to decorating your new sanctuary, you should opt for neutral shades on the walls. These won’t be as offensive as bright, bold colours, and they can create a better ambience in the room. If you do want a colourful bedroom, it’s a much better idea to add pops of colour using furniture and decorative items. Colourful walls can be very overbearing, but small bursts of colour will help make the room vibrant but not overly so.

Keep it tidy 

You will have to do a lot of tidying and cleaning up after the kids, so I doubt you will want to end your day by tidying up your own bedroom! Try and keep the room organised and any clutter down to a minimum and, that way, you won’t get so stressed from walking into a cluttered and messy bedroom!

There you have it – making a child-free sanctuary is easy peasy. The hardest thing to do now is trying to keep the kids out of it!

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