bea Skin Care AHA rejuvenating wands review: A mini at home facial peel

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I was asked to test out new bea Skin Care AHA rejuvenating wands (a mini at home facial peel).

I was a little dubious, having never had any kind of skin peel.

In fact, I don’t use much home skincare at all; my nightly skincare routine consists of wiping off the daily crud with a wipe (sometimes a nice posh one that’s meant for faces, often a baby wipe…). Unsurprisingly, my skin isn’t getting any better with age.

The bea Skin Care AHA rejuvenating wands are soaked in 7% glycolic acid, lactic acid and citric acid so that you can do a mini facial peel at home. The wands claim to work magic on acne, pigmentation, enlarged pores, fine lines and of course wrinkles. I certainly have enough of those. Upon hearing that they take mere seconds and you only need to use them twice a week – and that they are up for a skin care award* – I thought I would try them!

The bea Skin Care AHA rejuvenating wands come in a pack of ten little white plastic tubes with no branding on them

They look a bit like they might be medical implements or perhaps minimalist e-cigarettes. I’ve no idea what my husband must have thought!
bea Skin Care AHA rejuvenating wands
You open the wand by pushing the plastic lid with your thumb until it clicks open, and using the lid to pull the applicator out. Avoiding your eyes and any cuts or irritated areas on your face you wipe the wand across your face, once only from the inner face. And that’s it. It takes seconds.

Sorry, my nails are worse than my skin, I don’t think I’ll ever be a beauty blogger…

The wands are single use, and they have more than have enough product in them (or maybe I just have a small face?). Once you’re done, pop the lid back on and bin them.

The wands don’t sting as I expected they might. You leave the chemical solution to soak in for ten minutes and then carry on with your skincare routine. For me that’s basically putting moisturiser on (when I remember). The wands make your skin ultra-absorbent so that your other skincare products sink right in.

I’ve been using the facial peel wands twice a week for a while now; generally the night before I know I’m going out as they claim to give you visibly improved skin in 24 hours.
bea Skin Care AHA rejuvenating wands

What did I think of the bea Skin Care AHA rejuvenating wands?

As someone who doesn’t use products on my face often, I could easily tell the difference. My face felt softer. I can’t say that my wrinkles have noticeably decreased nor did I expect them to, but my skintone is more even and my pores are tighter after using the wands. This is where a beauty blogger would probably insert pictures of their face, but don’t worry, I’m not going to put you through that (I did attempt to, but my self-photography just isn’t up to par). If you do want to see a before and after, check out my friend Jenny’s review here!

As little luxuries go, like organic makeup or other natural products, they are definitely a nice one to have. They are unlike anything I’ve used before, and had a nice effect on my skin. If you are a mum always on the go, missing the days of facials and spa days, then these do a good job in just a few moments!

bea Skin Care AHA rejuvenating wandsYou can buy the wands from the bea Skin Care site here, where they cost £60 for ten wands.

I received the wands for free for the purposes of this review but the words and pictures are my own.

This is a collaborative post.

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bea Skin Care AHA rejuvenating wands are a mini at home facial peel that is really easy to do in minutes in front of your bathroom mirror, and give you better skin in 24 hours #BEA #skincare #moms #dailyroutine #facialpeel #athomefacialpeel

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