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The summer holidays are now a distant memory and it’s time to pack the back to school bag.

It’s exhausting having your routine shattered for six weeks, but not to worry, September sees it shifting all back to normal. Phew!

It’s also a great time to start over. If your New Year’s Resolutions didn’t stick (and I’m willing to bet that they didn’t…), then here are some you can make for the new school year!

Pack your back to school bag

Be a better, more organised parent

Whether it’s the first year at school or simply the first day of a new year, most parents worry about nailing that first week to make a good impression on the teacher. You go to the shops (or get a home delivery) and buy bags of overly-expensive child-sized groceries; tiny carrots in little plastic bags and small bread for minute sandwiches, so you won’t get one of the dreaded notes home and have to move to a different school because of your shame. If your child is old enough to go to primary school, you’ll be looking for the best pens and glittery books and bags and goodness knows what else too.

OK, be more organised in general

The adult version of writing down neat lesson notes is keeping a bullet journal. Everyone who uses one says they’re the best thing ever; here’s a quick and practical rundown of pros done by A bullet journal is great for keeping lists of things to do and way more effective than post-it notes on the fridge. They’re also useful tools to set new goals, and plan the best strategy to achieve them. Bullet journals are quite helpful to keep ahead of important appointments and manage your everyday life, so you need never miss a parent-teacher meeting again. And they can look pretty good too if you’ve got an eye for design.

Be more social

Everyone is back from holiday, and life can resume as normal. If you haven’t seen your friends for a while then now is a great time to revive the old habits and organise a meet-up. Personally I find that everyone seems to have birthdays at this time of year, and to be honest I end up cancelling a lot because I just don’t have the inspiration. But resolve to be better! Wine baskets are always a winner, especially if you accompany them with a local cheese, but you can find more wine gift basket ideas here: if you’re looking for something else.

Your socialising weapon

Dress to impress

While children get their brand-spanking-new school gear ready, you too can to pack a new wave of professionalism into your life, even if you don’t work in an office. That’s why the back to work wardrobe was invented! Throw out the raggedy jeans and the leggings with holes; try on a midi length skirt for size which will give you confidence on the school run (and hide your mum tum). Or maybe become one of those trendy mums with a tux blazer; the casual but professional look is always trendy!

Get healthy!

Ah, September and the weight loss plans! Did you know that you’re more likely to stick to your diet plan in September than in January? So time to pack your lunch break with healthy meals, inspired by none other than

What are your new school year resolutions?

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