A review of the Talking Luna Petunia Doll

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A review of the Talking Luna Petunia Doll from the Netflix Original series

Luna Petunia is a colourful, fantastical Netflix original kids’ show.

If you’ve never had the pleasure, Luna (a real little girl) goes through a petunia in her bedroom wall and ends up in a colourful cartoon land called Amazia where her toys come alive and help her solve seemingly impossible problems. It is inspired by Cirque du Soleil (who I’ve seen perform) and is therefore as bright and wacky as you’d expect.

Having tried almost every show on Netflix, Luna Petunia is one that my daughter often asks to watch; the bright colours and butterflies appeal a lot. When we were asked to review a Talking Luna Petunia Doll from Funrise toys I thought she would probably love it.

Luna arrived boxed and only needed one quick snip to free her.

Luna Petunia talking doll boxed

The Talking Luna Petunia Doll looks just like she does in the cartoon with bright blue, sparkly hair which definitely sets her apart from the other dolls. 

Playing with Luna Petunia talking doll
You can get her boots, dress, and jewellery off and on again, but you can’t swap them them as although she’s a similar size as her other dollies standing at 35cm, her proportions are completely different – in line with the cartoon – so I’m afraid she’ll be stuck wearing the clothes she came in. A shame really, because Elsa would totally rock those purple sparkly welly boots!
Playing with Luna Petunia talking doll

If you press on her necklace, she speaks – she says eleven phrases from the TV show at random (yes I counted) when you press on her necklace (or more accurately the button underneath her necklace) and the sounds come out of a speaker on her belly.

Luna Petunia talking doll

It says on the description that she has brushable hair but the way it’s tied up and packaged does not make this easy. In fact this hair came out just taking the band out so we quickly put it up again.

Luna Petunia talking doll hair

I’ve tried taking her hair down and brushing, but I really would not advise it!

Luna Petunia talking doll hair

All in all she’s fun, and I really like how colourful and cartoon-like she is; it appeals to my daughter a lot. I am slightly disappointed with the hair as this is what my daughter likes to play with most when she plays with dolls. I like the fact that the phrases are played at random rather than scrolling through each one in a predictable sequence.

We were given the Talking Luna Petunia Doll by Funrise Toys free for the purposes of review but all words and opinions are mine.

You can buy the Luna Petunia Talking Doll for £24.99 exclusively from Smyths Toys. During October half term there will be visits from Luna Petunia in Smyths Stores; keep an eye on their Twitter and Facebook pages for info.

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