Don’t neglect your garden: Plan an al fresco autumn get together

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Sadly, the summer seems to have packed up and left for another year (not that it ever seemed to arrive properly). 

However, you now have a new season ahead; full of colourful leaves, bonfires and fireworks, and cosy nights in watching X Factor if that’s your thing. You’re probably tempted to get into your PJs with the kids every night and sit in front of the T.V (and fire) and focus on staying inside and as warm as possible.
But…This is how your garden and outside space become neglected, and it will have seen better days by the time the better weather rolls around again. Therefore it might be time to think about utilising your garden space a bit more over autumn and embracing the cold air with your family and friends, even if it’s just to send summer off in style.
Here are some tips and ideas for those who want to use their garden all year round, and some al fresco inspiration for your next get together.


Food is often the focus of a party or get-together, and if you’re eating outside in autumn; it needs to be hot and warming. This is the point where you go and retrieve the BBQ you’ve put away in the shed, and bring it out to be used again. Hotdogs, burgers, and kebab skewers, straight off the BBQ will be a tasty treat for guests of all ages; making grilled food the perfect addition to your family shindig. You could accompany the mains with jacket potatoes that have been cooked in foil and thrown on the hot coals, and a big bowl of slaw or salad; keep it simple and warm, for maximum impact. Provide paper plates and cups, and get some hot chocolates and mulled cider on the go; perfect for slurping as people enjoy the crisp air outside.


Make sure you tell everyone to wrap up warm and to arrive in coats, scarves, and gloves. You can throw some blankets on your garden furniture and cushions for those who plan to sit down for the evening enjoying their food and beverages. Invest in some quality items for your garden, as a decent table and chairs will last you through the coming year and the years ahead. Find a supplier of quality garden furniture and make sure you go and check out the pieces in one of their showrooms to get a feel for the size, look, and material of each item. Make sure that everyone at the get together has somewhere to sit if they want to, and a surface for their plates and cups, which will ensure they don’t have to hold anything for the whole night.


If people are comfortable and well fed; they’ll be happy, and you can bring the autumn on in style. However, you can enrich their experience with use of fairy lights, some outdoor candles, and even a little bunting that can be seen against the flickering glow of the string lights. Pop some music on, add some sparklers into the mix, and ensure that everyone is eating, drinking, and having the best time at your autumn garden party (you can put your slippers on and snuggle up when they’ve all gone home).


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