Bringing the autumn in: Make your home cosy this September

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In the same way the leaves have started to turn a crispy golden and gently float from the trees to the hard, cold ground, autumn has fallen into our lives. 

Profound hmmm?

Oh, I do so love summer, but the wonderful outdoors becomes even more wonderful when it has been touched by autumn.

But why should mother nature get to have all the decorating fun?

The way I see it, autumn glory shouldn’t be exclusive to the outdoors. In fact, that gorgeous, warm and cosy ambience should be bottle up and brought inside and enjoyed to its full potential. Luckily, there are loads of ways that you can embrace this vibe and let it run riot around your home. It could be little decor changes or big upheavals. Here are our top tips on how to create a home more inviting and comfortable than you ever thought possible;

Tis the season for faux fur

I don’t advocate the use of fur, but the use of faux fur is an entirely different matter. Nothing can quite bring about a sense of total cosiness as much as faux fur throw. Wrapping yourself up in something that Jon Snow would wear during a northern winter is a lovely way of enjoying those nippy nights in front of the fire. As a sofa throw, or added to the bench seat in your kitchen, or on a bed; wherever you decide you will be adding a whole new layer of warmth.

Orange is this season’s hot colour

When you think of autumnal colours, what sticks out is all those different shades of orange. Why not get that gorgeous autumnal feeling all year round by creating a feature wall using a deep, dark orange as your accent colour.That rustic feeling is going to create a lovely feeling of warmth and comfort and make whatever space you add it to a million times more inviting.

Nothing creates the feeling of warmth like, er, warmth

This is the time for roaring log fires and snuggling up on the sofa to combat those wet Mondays. It is the time of year when the temperature drops faster than those leaves on the trees, and that is why you need to up the ante on the warmth front. One of the most effective ways of achieving this is to grab yourself a stylish wall radiator from this UK radiators store, in which we think the vertical radiators offer the most stylish and practical solutions.

If you want to go down a more rustic, rough and ready look then you could look at getting a gorgeous little log burner installed in the corner of your living space.

Accessorising your way to cosy town

In the same way your winter wardrobe will be all about accessorising – hats, gloves, scarves, coats, and boots – your home’s cosiness levels will be massively boosted by the right accessories. The best way to do this is to add some soft textures to your spaces, even if that means embracing a little bit mismatch here and there. Chunky knit, cable knit, fleece, faux fur, heavy cotton – anything that adds another layer of cosy comfort.

It could be that you buy a heavy knit styled ottoman, or you just go down the throw route, add a few fun cushions or grab a piece of furniture that embraces this style in every sense of the word. Not only will this be pleasing to the eye and add another layer of gorgeous aesthetics to your room, it will also make your space a lot more snuggly.

Layer up on your rugs

If you thought there was a one rug per room rule that you had to follow, then think again. That’s because there is no such as too many rugs or carpets. If you really wanted to, you could overlap a dozen rugs to create a sort of cosy little Moroccan vibe in your living room. Just try not to trip over it.

Rub the lamp and see what happens

The days are getting shorter and the nights longer, which means the lighting in your home is going to have a much bigger role to play than ever before. A great way to capitalise on this and ensure that your home feels as cosy as it possibly can is to dot lamps around your rooms. Wherever you can squeeze in a lamp, do it. Grab another end table, do some shuffling, find a way to make it fit on that shelf. Lamps just have a gorgeous way of illuminating a room in a soft glow, as well as being able to highlight a favourite spot in a room.

Cover up, it’s autumn

This may seem outdated but, like all good trends, things come back around, which is certainly the case with slip covers for furniture. It is a great way to make a room feel full. In the spring and summer, it is all about having furniture than you can see through – tables with long legs, sofas that are raised and transparent coffee tables – because this all creates a more spacious and airy look. But in the autumn and winter seasons, it is all about plugging those gaps to make a place feel more packed in. This is exactly the look that furniture wrapped in a slip cover achieves, especially if you get your slip covers in a warm colour and texture.

Don’t ignore your bathroom

The bathroom is definitely one of the rooms you should focus on when it comes to bringing the autumn inside. A great place to start is with a rug to lay beside your bath tub; that way you won’t get the harsh shock of your feet touching frozen tiles when you step out of your soak. Another great idea for maximising the relaxation levels in this room is to add scented candles to get that spiced pumpkin vibe going. Why not hang some nice deep coloured art on the wall, as well as floating shelves packed full of old books, and maybe a little vanity lamp too? If you really want to up your autumn comfort game, then get a bath tray and plop a candle and some other bits on it. Anything that will make you feel all warm and lovely.

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