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When I was a child, I longed for a Barbie Styling Head.

I never had one, but I’m over it now, mostly. To be honest I would have treated it badly, possibly cut off all of her hair and coloured it in with felt tip, so I can see why my parents were reluctant to part with the cash.

The big one is not shy when it comes to expressing her love of dollies, hair and basically everything pink and girly. That’s her, she likes what she likes and she won’t be told otherwise.

When we were offered the Barbie Rainbow Styling head for review I thought she would love it. Or I would. I wasn’t actually 100% sure I wanted to share.

However, after suffering the indignities of having my own hair done, and watching as she attempted to plait the small one’s locks to his dismay, I thought I had better step in.

There are two Barbie Styling Heads available.

The bigger one is the more expensive Barbie Deluxe Colour Specialist Styling Head (on which you can also make up her face and nails), which costs around £39.99.

The one we received was the Barbie Dreamtopia Rainbow Styling Head; complete with pink rainbow hair, a brush, hair barettes (clips) which you can clip plastic gems into, and hair bands. This is slightly smaller, and retails for around £19.99.
Barbie Dreamtopia Rainbow Styling Head review - Barbie Styling Head

As you can see, much intrigue.

Out of the box, and Barbie is a lot lighter than I expected due to having a hollow base.

This does mean you have to hold her still while brushing and it is easier to have her on carpet than a smooth surface as she slides around. Her head tilts from side to side.Barbie Dreamtopia Rainbow Styling Head review - Barbie Styling Head
Her colourful hair comes plaited,  but we pulled this out so that the big one could brush her hair herself. The hair is quite easy to brush and doesn’t seem to come out too easily, which is good.

She isn’t the gentlest soul when brushing as I’ve learned through bitter experience.Barbie Dreamtopia Rainbow Styling Head review - Barbie Styling Head

Obviously she’s a little young to do many styles but she is learning to put her hair up in a simple ponytail. The barrettes were fairly difficult to undo so in the end I gave her some clips to play with instead.
Barbie Dreamtopia Rainbow Styling Head review - Barbie Styling Head review

All in all though, she’s very pleased with her new toy. 

I knew it would be right up her street and I haven’t been disappointed,she really enjoys it and is now even happy for me to plait her hair for school; something I thought would never happen! She’s actually been playing with it the whole time I’ve been writing this review so it gets a thumbs up from me, although I can’t imagine the hair will remain untangled without significant parental input.

We received the Barbie Dreamtopia Rainbow Styling Head by Flair for free for the purposes of this review, but words and pictures are my own.

You can buy the Barbie Styling Head at Very here.


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