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If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll know I’m aaaall about the beauty trends.

Mainly really, hideously ridiculous ones. The hilariously impractical nails, the daft eyebrows, the pom pom accoutrements, the very very questionable and NSFW outfits – you can find it all shared here in my Facebook group. Please, do come and join us, you’d be most welcome.

I’ll be honest though, when it comes to real beauty trends, I know pretty much nothing. I don’t remember the last time I was inside a beauty salon. I’ve never had my nails ‘done’. I think about it sometimes, and then I think about something else and the thought is gone and someone wants their bum wiped. I don’t have the time to spend on things that are fleeting; lord, I haven’t dried my hair in the best part of four years.

I can hear the violins playing now…

However the good news is that I am (slowly) getting to the point where, happily, my children are old enough to be left with babysitters and sometimes even taken to stay with their grandparents for a holiday, so claiming a bit of ‘me time’ back is something that is very much on the cards for this autumn and I can’t wait to rediscover my former love of looking OK, sometimes.

And so, here are some of the trends I can get on board with this year!

Gold nail varnish

Image credit: Ellisons
Winter is all about glitter and metallic colours, and gold is really festive. Christmas is about the one time of year I do like to paint my nails; mainly because my husband is off and I can ensure I get left alone for a bit. Although red is a great colour for Christmas, gold is my go-to and it’s very much in this year.

The Up-do

I pretty much always wear my hair up for practical reasons but the good news is that this look is in this Autumn/Winter season! You can go from the office (or a day at home looking after the kids) straight onto the red carpet, teasing out a few strands to frame your face for a bit of evening glamour. Just make sure that the cheerios and bits of sick have been washed out first.

Red gloss lips

A trend that I wish I was bold enough to try; poppy red is a classic lip colour that never goes out of style. This season we’re moving away from matte and it’s all about adding a layer of lip gloss. Just make sure you add it after you’ve kissed the kids goodnight!

Metallic grunge eyes

I love a dramatic eye; if I had to choose one favourite trend, this would be it. Almost everyone owns some metallic eyeshadow. The good news is that the classic ‘smokey eye’ is in; updated for the festive season with a gorgeous shimmer of silver or copper. Adding metallic eyeliner to the waterline can create a wider-eyed look and add a bit of drama. I also find a good smokey eye really detracts from mum-staple; the eye bags.

What trends are you looking forward to this Autumn/Winter?

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