Schleich Horse Club Pintabian mare and stallion review

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This week we’ve been playing with the Schleich Horse Club Pintabian mare and stallion.

Schleich is a brand that you may well be familiar with from your own childhood.

I have memories of going into toy shops and seeing tall stands with rows of hard animal figures and to me as a child they were fascinating.

Schleich have in fact been around a lot longer than that; since 1935 so clearly their figures have stood the test of time. They have now expanded beyond animals into dinosaurs, dragons, mermaids and Marvel figures.

I’ve often thought about some Schleich figures for our two but in this world of technology where everything makes sounds or moves, I wasn’t sure whether they’d be disappointed that they didn’t ‘do’ anything.
Schleich Horse Club Pintabian mare and stallion review

We were asked to review some of the new Horse Club range.

I thought why not give them a go and see what the kids made of them.

We were expecting to receive the Pintabian horses; the mare (aka mummy horse),
Schleich Horse Club Pintabian mare and stallion
Stallion (daddy horse),

And a foal as well as a foal care kit, however unfortunately they weren’t able to send the foal.

The foal care kit contains a blanket and bridle, a bottle, apples, and two brushes.
Schleich Horse Club foal care kit
Here are the horses wearing the bridle; a bit small for them but you get the idea.

The horses are incredibly detailed and realistic, even down to their… private parts. They’re weighty and durable; I had no qualms in letting her play in the garden with them because the mud can just be washed off. I imagine they’d be near impossible to break although I’ll not ask the kids to try!

What’s the verdict on the Schleich Horse club figures?

Schleich Horse Club Pintabian mare and stallion
Well I needn’t have worried, both kids love them. They are the perfect companions for the big one’s dollies and have moved into their box to live with them. I’m really pleased and will definitely consider expanding the collection; I really like the look of the Schleich dinosaurs and I know a little boy who would love them too.

The horses are reasonably priced at £6.49 each, the foal care kit is a pocket money friendly £3.49.

We were sent the Horse Club Pintabian Horses free for the purposes of this review but words and pictures my own. They can be bought from Amazon here or using the links below, or from good toy shops.


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