Mickey and the Roadster Racers: Hot Doggin’ Hot Rod remote control car review

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This week we’ve been reviewing the Mickey and the Roadster Racers Hot Doggin’ Hot Rod remote control car from IMC Toys.

As big Mickey and Minnie fans, we’d previously reviewed some Mickey and the Roadster Racers toys here; these were (and still are) really popular with the kids so I very much looked forward to this one arriving.

When it arrived, I was quite surprised as it was a bit bigger and heavier than I was expecting!

We needed sharp scissors and a small screwdriver to remove it from the box.

The design is bound to appeal to any Mickey-loving fans. It’s just like the car from the show, and of course, there is Mickey behind the wheel.

The remote is large, designed for smaller hands. 

It feels a little bit cheap and plasticy, but don’t let that put you off too much.

The car is easy to drive; it has one forward/reverse control and one left/right which you use whilst driving. It took a while for my three-year-old to work out, but an older child would probably find this a lot easier.

Although suitable from 3+, this isn’t a flimsy kiddie’s remote control car by any means. The car itself is sturdy, responsive and has brilliant grip. It can whizz over carpeted floor, bumps, toes…

Unlike some children’s remote control toys, it can easily tackle uneven ground which means it can be used outside; handy, because there isn’t a great deal of space to race inside. It will be fun to take it to the park and see how fast ii can go on open ground; quite fast I imagine.

I imagine children of any age will enjoy the Mickey and the Roadster Racers Hot Doggin’ Hot Rod remote control car. 

Older children will be able to drive more accurately, perhaps around a garden assault course, although I hope it will help teach my younger ones a bit of hand-eye co-ordination

The car requires five AA batteries and the remote needs two AA batteries. This is more than we had hanging around thus necessitating an emergency trip to the shops, so if you get one I advise you to have these in place before your kids decide they want to play with it!

The remote turns itself off if it isn’t used for a while so it shouldn’t run out any time soon but I would definitely suggest rechargeable batteries if it’s going to be used frequently due to the number of replacements you’d need to buy which would soon get expensive!

The Mickey and the Roadster Racers Hot Doggin’ Hot Rod remote control car from IMC is available now from good toy shops, or via Amazon here or using the affiliate link below.

We received the car for free for the purposes of this review but all words are mine.




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