Fancy a cocktail? The Cocktail Man subscription box: A review & WIN

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Fancy a cocktail? The Cocktail Man subscription box: A review & WIN

I’m always up for trying new experiences, even more so if you replace the word ‘experiences’ with ‘cocktails’. 

The Cocktail Man (who also goes by the name of James, but it’s not quite as catchy) contacted me asking if I’d like to try a new cocktail subscription box and I gave a resounding yes please.

I love a cocktail, and used to make them fairly regularly; whenever we had friends round and a barbecue was going I’d have the cocktail shaker out.

The reality of being a parent now is that it’s tricky to do DIY cocktails and not just because you find yourself drinking the entire contents of your alcohol cupboard in a three-hour-bedtime-tantrum-fuelled desperation.

We have an alcohol cupboard; I think I have a half drunk bottle of chocolate liqueur in there which came with us when we moved in, and some elderflower gin, and that’s about it. It currently has toys stacked up against it. Oh, how life changes. Most of all, buying a £20 bottle of watermelon-flavoured spirit because it sounds cool is, weirdly, no longer a priority.

But it’s still fun, and I still enjoy a vastly overpriced cocktail when I’m out.

Anyway, back to The Cocktail Man. 

The Cocktail Man sends you everything you need to make a cocktail (x2) including the spirits/mixers and a pretty garnish. You get the instructions and all you have to do is read them, put the ingredients in a cocktail shaker, pour and drink.

I thought I’d dust off my cocktail shaker (literally, it was disgusting) and give it a bash. It came well-presented in a very posh-looking box. Tres exciting.

We received the Butterfly Martini; a gin-based cocktail containing Creme de Rose and Creme de Frambose.

The only additional ingredients it needed were a lime, and of course ice.

We decided to save out cocktails for our seventh wedding anniversary.

Quite frankly a night out wasn’t on the cards and this seemed like a passable alternative.

We were hoping to be able to do this outside, because let’s be honest that is where cocktails should be drunk, but thanks to the Great British weather it piddled it down all day, and so we didn’t get the chance!

It was so simple even I could do it. The result was just my kind of cocktail; sweet enough, not overly strong and a very pleasing colour to boot.

You can buy a one-off The Cocktail Man box for £16.95 in his shop

The subscription box option (available here) costs £14 per month for one box containing the ingredients to make two cocktails, although there is currently an offer giving you your first box for £9. You can stop and start your subscription as you wish.

For me, it would be a little too expensive to have a regular box, but as a celebratory treat it was lovely and so different to sharing a bottle of wine.

You can also follow The Cocktail Man on Facebook here and Instagram here.

We received this box free of charge for the purposes of this review, but words are my own.

You can also WIN a subscription box from The Cocktail Man over on my Facebook page. All you need to do is tell me your favourite cocktail to be in with a chance of winning. Bonus points if you can tell me how to make it.

Giveaway closes 08/08 at midday. UK only. 18+.
No alternative available. Giveaway is nothing to do with Facebook, and all that.

Good luck!



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