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Children and a clean, tidy kitchen are two things you rarely see in the same sentence.

 Children are a hurricane of fun, mud and pieces of Lego. But there are some really great ways to inject life back into the kitchen without splashing the cash.

Consider having a scroll through Pinterest one evening, and you’ll most likely come across some great hacks and DIYs to vamp up your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Get the kids involved

Why not get the kids involved? They can help you decide on colours and even make some lovely drawings to hang on the fridge. Splashes of colour like this make the home feel like a home, not just a house. You could even let them bring a few of their favourite toys into the area.

Paint the walls

Upgrading your living space can be as simple and picking up a paint brush. Consider choosing a feature wall in your kitchen and picking out a bright, lively colour for your wall. This simple change can make an enormous impact on your kitchen without having to do anything else.

New handles

Another good way to change things around in the kitchen is to replace your door handles. Find some sleek, beautiful handles or doorknobs and install them. You’d be surprised how much of a difference it can make.

Match your appliances

An excellent way to vamp up your counter top is to buy a new toaster and kettle. You can buy them in pretty much every colour under the sun, and this will immediately brighten up the room. You can find a huge range of appliances in all colours here:

Upgrade your taps

A lot of us don’t realise how much of an impact our sink and faucets have on the overall feel of the kitchen. Updating your sink to a sleek, modern one and installing a shiny chrome tap can take your kitchen from average to stunning in one swoop. It doesn’t cost as much as you think, take a look here for inspiration:


House Plants are an often forgotten commodity but are a huge factor in the design and feel of your home. Plants offer a calming and peaceful quality, and when placed on the windowsill of your kitchen, can help bring the garden in. They add colour, life and clean air to your home. Just make sure you remember to water them!

Tea towels

Tea Towels are a cheap, affordable way to add a splash of colour to a dull kitchen. Just like towels in the bathroom, they hang on your cabinet doors and offer a hint of interior design even if you don’t have a particular model in the first place. They are a super easy way to spruce up your space and add a hint of personality to your home.


Colourful prints of nature, funny quotes about vegetables or even a sign for wine-lovers… art is a huge part of making a home feel like a home and easily injecting your personality.

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