They see me rolling: A review of the Toddlebike2

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We received the Toddlebike2 in December and gave it to the small one as a Christmas present.

(It was pretty hard to wrap).

On the face of it it, I admit, it has taken me a very long time to write this, but please hear me out folks.

At the time he was 18months old. Although this is within the recommended age group, and he enjoyed pushing it along, he didn’t quite get it bless him… Really it has taken him until much more recently (I’d say around 22 months) to work out how to use and propel it along properly, and so it would have been difficult for us to review much sooner.Toddlebike 2: A review of the lightweight balance bike for 18m+All the gear but no idea.

Now though, I’m happy to report that he loves it and can scoot around on his Toddlebike2 with ease.

He previously used it on the decking, but now the decking has been taken down to make way for the extension he has no problems using it in the garden on bumpier ground. Even one handed, the daredevil.

The best feature of the Toddlebike2 is its weight.

When he gets bored of riding, he just picks it up and carries it because compared to his other ride-on toys, it’s really light (apparently 0.8kg!). This means that I can take it with me on a day out or a quick trip to the shops and just sling it over my shoulder or hang it on the back of the buggy without any hassle – if only I could do the same with my daughter’s much heavier scooter which she likes to take out and then use for about four minutes.Toddlebike 2: A review of the lightweight balance bike for 18m+
During the six months that we’ve had the Toddlebike it’s lived in the garden and although it’s a bit mucky, has not warped or bent or faded as yet and can easily be hosed off.Toddlebike 2: A review of the lightweight balance bike for 18m+
He’s a much smaller toddler than his sister was – although when he first got the Toddlebike2 she was three and could just fit on it, she’s too big for it now at 3.5. I don’t think he’ll outgrow it as quickly.

The Toddlebike2 costs just under £24 which I think is quite reasonable given it can last a child a year or more and can then be passed on – Once he has outgrown it, we’ll probably give ours to the local toddler group where ride-on toys are king.

They come in pink, red and blue and can be purchased on Amazon using the links below.

For more information and where to buy visit the Toddlebike website. We received the Toddlebike for free for the purposes of this review but words are my own. Check them out on Twitter and Facebook!

Update: At 2 years 4 months, he uses his Toddlebike2 every day for his sister’s preschool run and he’s super speedy on it too! I would definitely recommend it!Toddlebike 2: A review of the lightweight balance bike for 18m+

You can get 10% off a Toddlebike (bringing the cost to £21.56)  by using the code BLOG17 in their shop.

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