A second birthday and a Big Day Out

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It was the small one’s second birthday at the weekend.

I still can’t believe he’s two. In many ways, for example his ability to argue back, he seems so much older, but he’s still my youngest baby.

We decided to forgo the party and instead have a day out to celebrate.

Fortunately his birthday coincided with the Big Day Out, a family friendly festival in Maidstone, and so we went along for the day.

We arrived just in time to see Mr Bloom; the big one demanded we go straight to the front so whilst daddy went off in search of beer, myself and Auntie Lizzie pushed through the crowds with a small person each upon our shoulders to see a man and his vegetables.

They really enjoyed his set, it was probably the highlight of their day. Perhaps mine too if we’re being honest.

Mr Bloom at the Big Day Out, Maidstone, Kent
Yes I realise bananas are not a vegetable

After Mr Bloom, we sat down and had a picnic.

The organisers did encourage people not to bring in too much ‘stuff’ as all bags had to be checked on entry which is entirely understandable, but with a small one with a food intolerance it wasn’t worth the risk, although there did seem to be a variety of food stalls there including stuff for vegans

We popped by the character tent to meet some poor sweaty folk dressed in Paw Patrol suits, before making our way to Bounceland where there were (as the name suggests) loads of bouncy castles.

After that we went to the circus school, where I tried hula hooping (which I really can’t do), had a consolatory ice cream, and after another trip to Bounceland we watched the bands until it was time to take the kids home.

There were a couple of negatives from the day.

We missed the princesses, because there was no indication of where or when they were on (I even googled it whilst there!) and we only spotted them as they finished their last song which was really disappointing.

The queues were also really big for a lot of things (fortunately this did not include the portaloos – I have many festival experiences in which this was not the case!) so we didn’t bother buying anything or having a go on the pony rides; young children don’t really like to queue for over half an hour. I guess this is unavoidable at large events but it did put us off.

We went into the little soft plays and onto the smaller bouncy castles which were fine for their age group and had much shorter queues. It was a shame that there weren’t a few more staff around as there were a lot of big children on the under-5s bouncy castles which is a ballache.

All in all though, we had a fantastic day and the kids really enjoyed their first festival experience. 

Thank you to the organisers of the Big Day Out for our tickets, which we were given to us for free. It was a lovely way to spend his birthday.

Don’t you just love it when everyone looks at the camera?

Thanks also to License to PR who sent us a box full of Despicable Me 3 goodies to take along to the festival, which the kids loved! The kids are Minions-mad and can’t wait to go and see the new film.

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