Arthur Price Despicable Me 3 Minion cutlery and crockery review

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Last week, we had one of those mornings.

Everyone woke up way, way too early and as a result tensions were high and by breakfast there had already been a slight meltdown over the fact that my daughter didn’t want to use a ‘baby cup’ (it wasn’t a baby cup. Just one with a lid. She’s spilly).

Fortuitously, while she was at pre-school, some Arthur Price Despicable Me 3 cutlery and crockery was delivered.

good job too as her first words to me when I picked her up after lunch were (eerily calmly and clearly very much considered) ‘Mummy, I am not a baby any more and I don’t want to use a baby cup’.

I said if she behaved, I’d have a surprise for her at home.

Fortunately she was fairly well behaved on the brief walk home, and so I let her see what had arrived that morning.

We received the Despicable Me ‘Expressions’ cutlery set.

The cutlery set contains a knife, fork, spoon and small spoon each with a different Minion expression on them; ‘I don’t share’, ‘Powered by bananas’, ‘One in a minion’ and my new word of the week, ‘Blumock’.

Also received was a three piece ‘Sea of Minions’ crockery set with a china plate, bowl and a mug.

You’ll recall we are big fans of Despicable Me, and in particular Minions, in this house and she was very taken with her new eating implements, and of course her very non-baby like mug.
Now, we’re currently undergoing an extension (there are walls and everything…no roof, yet, but we are getting there).

This means that we have no conservatory and therefore no dining table; as a result we are doing a lot of al fresco dining at the moment.

Usually this would not necessitate the ‘good china’ but she was desperate to use her new crockery and cutlery, and promised not to break it.
It was bangers and mash for tea.
She has a way to go learning to use cutlery properly which is cause for much exasperated sighing, but we are getting there. She knows the theory but she’s just a little too lazy to put it into practise sometimes when let’s face it, grabbing fistfuls and shoving it into your gob, whilst unladylike, is quite effective.

Hopefully the new knife, fork and spoon set will help her get there!

Our verdict on the Arthur Price Despicable Me 3 Minions cutlery and crockery?

The plate, bowl and mug have now been through the dishwasher multiple times and are still as good as new.

However, the pattern on the cutlery has started to peel off after a few washes. The cutlery itself is heavy and well made, but the Minion design is sadly not dishwasher proof as stated. She’s pretty upset about this, and I’m really disappointed as it looked so good when it arrived. The company have been great and dispatched us a new set, but these went the same way sadly.

She loves the crockery set and thinks it’s grown up, and of course being a Despicable Me fan she loves the Minions. It’s very good quality; a perfect way to mark the ‘not a baby anymore’ milestone, and leave behind the Ikea plastic plates.

We’ll have to get a similar set for her brother too, when he becomes a bit less smashy.
Both the Despicable Me 3 Expressions cutlery set and the Sea of Minions crockery set have an RRP of £24.99. The pieces of the crockery set are all available separately.

We received the Arthur Price Despicable Me 3 cutlery and crockery sets for the purposes of this review but words are my own! You can follow Arthur Price on Twitter here and on Facebook here.

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