Everdine review: Healthy eating for really busy (or lazy) people – £25 discount code!

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Everdine offer a quick and easy frozen meal delivery service which means you can eat healthily no matter how busy you are.

I was approached by Everdine to review their service, and gladly obliged.

Since having kids, cooking is one of the things I’ve really let slide, which I admitted to here.

A year on, and things are no better. To be honest, our diet can be pretty bad and we know it. Not the kids; they eat OK for picky toddlers. At least most of what they eat has some kind of vegetable hidden within it somewhere… But once I’ve cooked once for them, and they’ve picked at it or not eaten it at all, often I can’t be bothered to repeat the process again in the evening and so we’ve been living off an awful diet of fat and carbs.

The annoying thing is, during the day, I can be a paragon of virtue. I probably consume around 15% of my calorie intake before 7pm… and then the rest once the kids are in bed.

Something needs to change. We aren’t looking for a faddy diet, just a way to make sure that we have a good, clean and healthy meal in the evening rather than being lazy and relying on junk, and giving ourselves heartburn every night.

I’m a fan of recipe kit boxes, and have tried a few out in the past.

They give you a way of trying new meals, cooked from scratch with no shopping to do and no waste. Everdine provide homecooked food with no nasties, no high fat content, and unlike the recipe kits we’ve tried they’re cooked and ready to microwave in under ten minutes, straight from the freezer, with the added benefit of minimal washing up.

I’ve never really use microwaveable meals before so I’ll admit I was a little sceptical at first but they promised clean eating made simple, and so I thought we should give it a whirl.

We tried an eight meal Everdine freezer ready meal kit, which retails at £55.20 or £6.90 per meal including shipping. 

The 12-meal kit works out slightly cheaper at £6.40 per meal (classic or veggie). My first impression was that this was much more than we would spend on a meal made at home, and around the same as we might spend on a takeaway (which we can’t afford to do often!), so it would have to be very good to impress me.

The selection was interesting and varied, and we selected eight different meals, which all had the ingredients and nutritional values available to see on the website.

They arrived during the allocated one hour time slot, well packed in recyclable packaging. 

As instructed on the box, I unpacked and put the meals straight into the freezer (once I’d taken out the collection of apparently empty ice cube trays I’d been storing in there for god knows how long, plus a few freezer burned chicken breasts that may have been in there since we moved in…). It was easy to see they’d been batch cooked at home rather than mass produced and heavily processed like you might expect a microwave meal to look.

That night, Doug was out late and so once the kids were in bed, rather than having pasta or toast, I went for Mediterranean Cod. It was delicious, and my photography really does not do it justice!

We’ve since tried their Chile Con Carne…

…Tandoori Salmon…

And Parsnip and Paneer Curry.

I found the meals absolutely delicious and was surprised to note that they all came in around the 500 calorie mark or lower. I definitely wasn’t hungry afterwards as you might expect to be; the meals are well bulked up with vegetables and pulses and plenty big enough.

I have to be brutally honest, our household budget would not stretch to almost £13 a day to feed two adults but if I was working perhaps, or able to afford it, I would definitely consider this as an excellent and much more healthy alternative to junk food and takeaways.

Everdine freezer ready meals could be used to kick start a diet or a healthy eating plan and they would be absolutely perfect to fill the freezer before having a baby, because you don’t want to have to eat lasagne now until forever.

We received the Everdine eight meal plan for free in exchange for an honest review. 

If you’d like to try Everdine with an exclusive £25.20 discount bringing a box down to just £30, or £3.75 per meal, click here to see the options.

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Healthy food delivered to your door: A review of Everdine fresh frozen healthy microwaveable meals with £25 off discount voucher


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