Encouraging imaginative play: A review of the Casdon Little Shoppers Pick n Mix Sweet Shop

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Encouraging imaginative play: A review of the Casdon Little Shoppers Pick n Mix Sweet Shop by my three year old

Recently, the big one was asked to review the Casdon Little Shoppers Pick n Mix Sweet Shop and she gladly obliged.

Casdon are a brand we’re familiar with; we already have a washing machine, and Dyson vacuum which we bought in a bid to encourage the big one not to be scared of the real vacuum cleaner. It’s just a shame it doesn’t actually clean the dog hair out of the carpet, however it is about as realistic as you can get.

Both have been well used, because one activity that both of my kids enjoy is pretend play. Little by little they’re learning to play nicely together, for – oooh – upwards of six minutes at a time before it all dissolves into tantrums and tears. I harbour great hope for the future.

Their favourite games to play together are picnics, making each other endless cups of tea in their play kitchen (I have literally no idea where this could have come from), and shops.

The Pick n Mix Sweet Shop, which is suitable for ages 3+, comes with a little till and some play money, two jars, a scale to weigh sweets and a scoop. 

It took a mere minute to slot together. I was actually pleasantly surprised that the kit included sweets too – four lollies and a bag of jellies. We sorted these out by colour and counted them; making sugar educational there folks.

The sweets had over a year left on them before the best before date, but I needn’t have worried.

I tried to explain that once they were gone they were gone but I won’t lie, they didn’t last very long, particularly when her cousin and brother wanted to play. Instead of providing more sweets I have given them different shapes of pasta (because apparently we need six different types in the cupboard) and they can scoop and weigh those instead.

Downsides? Well the weighing scale isn’t very responsive, but I’m not sure that really matters much on a kids’ toy particularly when she can’t actually read the numbers yet. On the plus side, it also quite compact and won’t take up much room; pretty important to us at the moment. Overall it’s a cute little idea; what child doesn’t like a sweet shop?

The Casdon Little Shopper Pick n Mix Sweet Shop retails at £12 although you can buy it via Amazon for under £10 which is a bargain.

We’ve ordered some little sweetie bags to go with it:

The Casdon Little Shoppers range also includes a trolley, a grocery set and a mini market till!

We were sent the Casdon Little Shoppers Pick n Mix Sweet Shop free for the purposes of this review. Post contains affiliate links. 


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