Prezzo La Famiglia: A dish for sharing (and a rubbish bank holiday)

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Bank Holidays are often a bit disappointing, but this one took the prize. 

After returning on a high from a child-free sojourn to Paris on Thursday night, by Friday it was very much back to usual – up at 6am, trying not to lose it by half 6. Our only job for the day was to wait in for some parcels but almost as soon as they were delivered and freedom was in sight, I noticed the dog had a dodgy belly. I figured we probably shouldn’t leave him alone as I really didn’t want to be cleaning poo off the floors. Again.

On Saturday, still no better, the dog went off to the vets and when he returned £200 later, we spent the rest of the day catching up on washing and other riveting jobs. At 2am Sunday the big one woke us up having puked all over her bed, and then came in to share with me. I can report that she kept it up every few hours until morning when she perked right up, a lot earlier than I would have liked.

Around mid-morning we decided there would be no harm in a little walk in the countryside and headed to Riverhill Himalayan Gardens for a picnic. We were obviously wrong, as she puked as soon as she got out of the car. Insisting she wanted her picnic we carried on, and she seemed a lot better.

After one whole day vomit-free we thought we would go out for a nice stroll to Sevenoaks Nature Reserve, followed by a Bank Holiday family meal, to review the new Prezzo La Famiglia family sharing bowl.

Despite my children not being able to share, as discussed here, this seemed like a lovely idea.Prezzo La Famiglia: A dish for sharing

One bowl for the family, just like we’d have at home in the rare occasions we get to eat together, but without the cooking, or the mess and dishes to clear up. We always end up having the food stolen off our plates anyway; this way there are no issues with who ordered what or food jealousy.
Prezzo La Famiglia: A dish for sharing The food arrived, and it was huge. It would probably have fed four adults and for the price (under £20 before sides) seemed good value. I’m fairly sure it would have beaten us. However, we did not get to put this to the test as almost immediately the small one suddenly started complaining that he was cold, by which he meant he was too hot – he’s almost two and hasn’t quite got it yet. He was sweaty and burning up, and went swiftly downhill.

I’ll spare you the details…

…But within twenty minutes we were completely out of nappies and couldn’t risk staying to tuck into the Prezzo La Famiglia Penne Alla Rusticana Sharing Bowl that we had ordered and taken four mouthfuls of. Poor little dude.
Prezzo La Famiglia: A dish for sharing

Even the big one who seemed fine clearly wasn’t feeling 100% yet, as she would usually tuck straight in – pasta is very much her thing and tomato sauce is her favourite – but instead chose to nibble on some garlic bread.

Don’t worry though; typically, despite him actually flaking out on me right there in the restaurant and actually causing quite a bit of worry, both kids cheered up completely within half an hour of us leaving.

Fortunately the nice people of Prezzo were very understanding.

Or maybe they didn’t fancy the potential cleaning either. Either way, they kindly boxed up the food for us, and with everyone feeling better we ate it on our laps in the front room (naughty! We were watching TV too…) and enjoyed it thoroughly. Not quite the joyful, carefree, family sharing experience I was hoping to portray (and sadly, with washing up and crumbs).

I kind of feel like we should know better by now.

Sorry, Prezzo. I appreciate that I could have made up a beautiful tale of some wonderful familial bonding experience, but I think we all know that would be rubbish. Everything worked out alright in the end though… I do really hope that we will be able to visit again, because the food was nice and the staff were lovely, and not all of our trips out end in unmitigated disaster. About half, but not all.

This post is a hopeless entry for the BritMums Prezzo La Famiglia Challenge, sponsored by Prezzo, and we received the meal for the purposes of review. 

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