The EZ Fort Fairy Tale Castle: Fit for a princess?

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The EZ Fort Fairy Tale Castle pink construction toy: Fit for a princess?

We like a good fort.

My favourite fort-building activity is when we build something elaborate and it takes ages, they wander off bored with the whole endeavour and I hide inside whilst they do something else.

We usually make our forts out of clothes airers and furniture, but the EZ-Fort Fairy Tale Castle kit makes it easier to make a sturdy fort, with 55 pieces including rods of two different lengths, connectors and a pink cover especially for the pink-loving child in your life, which inexplicably for someone that doesn’t like pink myself, is both of my children.

We first set the kit up inside. The rods slot into the connectors with a bit of twisting. A word of warning – DO THIS CAREFULLY and not whilst half-watching TV or you may well take the skin off your knuckle. Owie.

The idea is that you can freestyle it a bit, and make different types of forts. The rods come in two lengths and are quite bendy so you can be a bit imaginative, if you have it in you. I don’t, I’m afraid – I’m a read-the-instructions kind of person, so what you see here is a attempt number one, a bog standard boring fort. I suspect Daddy will be better at this kind of thing.

Dressing as a princess is optional. 
It can be used inside if the weather is rubbish, but we’ve had some lovely sunny weather this weekend so we set it up outside to make somewhere shady to play.

If using it outside, I’d recommend pegging the cover to stop it flying away or perhaps using something heavier like a fleece. It’s a shame the cover isn’t just a little bigger as you can see it doesn’t quite cover the whole frame, but we have plenty of sheets we can use.

I’m sure that, as spring turns into summer and we can spend more than just the odd weekend in the garden that we will get more use out of it – and perhaps be a bit more inventive with the design.

The EZ-Fort Fairy Tale Castle can be found on Prezzybox priced at £39.95. There are also different versions; ‘The Bunker’ with a black cover and a coverless ‘EZ-Fort Construction Toy’ option in primary colours. The suggested age is 3+, although small ones will obviously require an adult to put it together. At this stage they can have fun just playing inside it (or leaving me to play in there on my own) but there is more imaginary play to be had by older children who can put it together themselves.

This picture is just because.

The kit packs up fairly small and fits back into the box which makes it a good alternative to a play house if you’re limited on space with the extra DIY and learning aspect.

We received the EZ-Fort Fairy Tale Castle free of charge for the purposes of this review but as always, all words and pictures are mine.


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