BloomBox Club: A new subscription box for budding gardeners

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The BloomBox Club is a new subscription box for people that love their gardens but maybe don’t have the time or expertise.

I love this time of year.

The weather gets warmer, the evenings get lighter and for the first time since October we can get back into the garden.

I used to pride myself on our garden. When we moved in, there was nothing save for a few huge shrubs, an unwieldy yew and a silver birch, and weeds to waist height. I started to fancy myself a bit of a gardener; I knew the difference between a perennial and an annual, I knew when to lift and divide… I had a vegetable patch and I even had a subscription to Gardener’s World magazine. WTF eh.

Aaaaand then I got pregnant.

And I was pregnant all through the spring, and the summer, and the only thing I did in my garden was sunbathe and sleep. Since then I have had a baby, been pregnant again, and had another baby. The weeds took over and the veggies went to the wayside along with a load of other things I no longer have time for.

This year though… This year I finally have two toddlers who don’t have to be watched like hawks (or worn) for every second of the day and I am actually very excited because it might give me a chance to get back to it and get the garden looking a tad less shameful.

With this in mind, when I was asked to review a new subscription box by BloomBox Club, I thought it sounded like a fantastic idea for someone who, like me, was just getting back into their garden or perhaps starting and needed a bit of a helping hand.

Aimed perhaps more towards the amateur gardener with a garden to fill, the BloomBox Club send out a quarterly or yearly package of plants to their subscribers. You can get large plants for your garden, smaller plants for pots or smaller spaces, or plants for indoors.

We went for the larger plants.
Bloom box club box
Bloom box club box
The plants arrived well packed, and were well established in three litre plant pots which have been fine in the garden for several weeks waiting for a sunny weekend to be dug in.
The plants in the box were; A Spotted Laurel (you may notice we have a very very big one of these already!), Erect Ivy, Leucothoe, Berberis and a Mexican Orange Blossom. Each of the plants has a care card online which tells you about the plant; how big it will grow and the conditions it will thrive in.Mexican Orange Blossom (Choisya ternata)Mexican Orange Blossom (Choisya ternata) – and a child getting frustrated that a ball won’t stay on a curved surface.
Happy Helper with Erect IvyA happy helper with Erect Ivy

We decided to put the Leucothoe and the Mexican Orange Blossom around the new garden office. Hopefully they will grow around a metre tall and make the frontage look less stark.Leucothoe Leucothoe

The Erect Ivy is next to a bare fence, and the Berberis has been strategically placed to stop the dog doing down the back of the office.Planting with nanny - Erect Ivy (Hedera helix )Planting with nanny – Erect Ivy (Hedera helix)
Berberis /BarberryBerberis

We haven’t planted the Laurel – it has been re-potted and will go in the front garden once the porch extension is complete. We have an absolutely HUGE one in the back garden already so we know how big these monsters can get!
Spotted Laurel (Aucuba japonica) Spotted Laurel (Aucuba japonica)

Thank you to my mum who came to help us sort out a bit of the garden; we’ve got a long way to go. If you want to follow how the garden comes along this year, follow me on Instagram where I do love to post occasional plant spam.
Thanks also to BloomBox Club for the plants, which I received free of charge for the purposes of this post.
If you’d like to try the BloomBox club then take a look at their website, or find them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Give them a follow for offers and competitions!

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