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As I’m sure you know, I have a dog, and two kids that have quite spiffing rear-facing car seats. The dog doesn’t have a car seat, just the kids.

Now for the bad part; up until recently, the dog travelled in the back of the car and we did not have a car dog guard to separate the two.

We bought a dog guard for the car, it was a bit rubbish and never fit properly, and when we bought a new car we ditched it. He can be trusted to travel in the back without jumping over (although if you leave him in there alone for five minutes he will make a bid to drive away).

When Travall approached me about reviewing their vehicle dog guards I thought it would be really useful and more importantly, make the kids a lot safer. No one wants a dog flying at them if we were to brake suddenly, or anything else for that matter – and actually it’s a pretty serious safety concern when you have things unsecured in the back of the car, which we do… The vast multitude of things that we require to take even a short trip anywhere just gets shoved in.

We opted for a car dog guard and central divider.

This means we can take the dog and luggage, including things that he might want to investigate/eat if given the opportunity. The set up is perfect for travelling down to the grandparents for a few days, with his food safe in a separate compartment.

The price varies dependent on model; for our car, a Nissan Qashqai + 2, the price for both the guard and divider would be £225 including a £10 saving.

For most other models of car it works out a bit cheaper; you can check this easily on their website.
Car dog guard by Travall: A review of a dog guard and divider in a Qashqai +2

Car dog guard by Travall: A review of a dog guard and divider in a Qashqai +2

The Travall car dog guards are made to measure your car and we found it pretty simple to install. The instructions are easy to follow and it didn’t take long at all.

Now it’s in, it is very sturdy; you can tell it’s not going to move about or collapse like the cheapy (but not that cheap) job did. The divider is also easy to de- and re-attach in case you need the boot to carry a larger-than-initially-agreed flat screen TV (yes, there is a story about this. Another time, perhaps).

We’ve been using the Travall car dog guard for several months now. 

Car dog guard by Travall: A review of a dog guard and divider in a Qashqai +2
We’ve not had to remove it, adjust or tighten it, and the divider has come in and out several times no problem. I feel so much happier for it being there and knowing that the kids and the dog are safer and more secure. The dog doesn’t seem cramped at all and the buggy fits in the other side as shown below – this is actually pretty tidy for the state of our car, FYI.

Car dog guard by Travall: A review of a dog guard and divider in a Qashqai
Anyway two thumbs up from me, not the dog because he doesn’t have thumbs but I’m sure the sentiment is there. It will definitely be staying in.

(It occurs to me that the contents of my car is now superior to the car itself. Next up, I quite fancy myself one of those in-vehicle cameras, or maybe a massager and bum warmer.)

This is a collaborative post and I received the Travall dog guard and divider for the purposes of this post.

All words and thoughts are my own. For more information visit their website or check out their Facebook page or Twitter.

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Car dog guard by Travall A review of a dog guard and divider in a Qashqai +2 #dog #pet #dogguard #travall #review #car

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