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My daughter’s preschool did not require them to dress up for World Book Day. 

I asked, and they said ‘you have way too much on your plate already’, which is kind of nice really. I do have a lot on my metaphorical plate. Not my real one because the kids always steal anything worth eating.

I said thank you, but in reality, I was trying to hide the disappointment on my face. You see, sourcing a fancy dress costume for us is not a problem and we – I mean she – loves a good excuse to play dressing up.

Thanks primarily to her cousin’s handmedowns, her grandparents, and let’s be honest, my inability to say no, we could probably have provided a costume for each and every child at the preschool; the big one has a well-stocked dressing up box complete with an impressive array of princess dresses, a knight, Dorothy, Bo Peep, a dragon, Baloo, a unicorn, an elephant, a caterpillar… and various others.

Here are some of my her favourites:

All of the dressing up clothes a three year old could want

Children’s fancy dress website Pretend to Bee offered to send us a tortoise costume for review and we said we could turtley manage that…

Shell love it thought I, and so here we are (don’t blame me for the puns by the way, it’s the way my dad tortoise).
Quite a few of her dressing-up costumes have come from this website; last year we were fortunate to win this cute little guy from another blogger’s competition. The dragon costume, not the kid (I would have sent him back or at least exchanged him for a sleeping model).
a dragon pretend to bee

It seems a fitting outfit for the world’s slowest toddler.

The tortoise costume is much less cumbersome; it is a simple tabard with velcro straps at the sides; lightweight and easy to get on over their clothes.
Tortoise costume World Book Day easy costume Pretend to Bee
It suits ages 3-7; the big one is now three and a half and it fits with a lot of room to grow. It fits the small one with even more room to grow and also the dog, although you’ll have to take my word for it because sadly he refused to pose for a photo (look I get bored, OK?).
Tortoise costume World Book Day easy costume Pretend to Bee
The tortoise costume (or Threenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, if you prefer) is available from the Pretend to Bee website for £16.95 although be sure to check our their whole shellection. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

We were sent this outfit for the purposes of this review but all words, puns and children are my very own.

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Easy World Book Day dressing up costumer ideas: The Tortoise and The Hare (costume from Pretend to Bee). #WorldBookDay #KidsCostumes #Costumes


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