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Once upon a time, I was bought some Kinetic Sand, and I let the children play with it, inside, unsupervised.

It’s fairly accurate to say I regretted this; it’s definitely more of an outside activity and not one to be undertaken by small children without adequate supervision. I know this now.

Some time later, Spin Master Toys released a Kinetic Rock Crusher Set and I forgot and forgave and gave some to my toddlers to test.

Well technically it was for the big one, as it’s for age three plus, but the small one – on form as ever – decided that day was not a day for naps so he joined in with the testing.

Spinmaster Kinetic Rock Crusher review

Kinetic Rock is made from real rock, and it sticks together in the same way as Kinetic Sand. I will attempt to describe it; it feels sticky, but it doesn’t stick to your hands, and squishing it together is marvellously satisfying. It moulds a bit like wet sand; but of course it isn’t wet. My daughter asked me how it worked, and I took a stab and guessed at magic. One day, she isn’t going to believe my BS but I hope by then I’ll have Google in my brain.

Anyway, they were obviously excited by the box when it arrived so we opened it up. Cleverly, the box opens out to become a play space.

Included in the Kinetic Rock Crusher kit are a digger and little construction guy, a rock mould, a tamper tool, a crushing machine and a bag of Kinetic Rock.

Kinetic Rock Crusher review Kinetic Rock Crusher review
Now I do suggest that if you get one of these, that you (or your kids, whatever) play with it inside a Tuff Tray or on a hard surface, as the rocks do tend to get into the carpet and cling to your socks – so let me take this opportunity to apologise to my husband for getting a bit overeager and setting it up in the front room.
Spin Master Kinetic Rock Crusher

Despite my faux pas, it kept both kids quiet for AN HOUR AND A HALF. I’m not even exaggerating. It was glorious.

We got it out the next day too and played outside in the sun for a while; better equipped this time.

Kinetic Rock Crusher review

There is still enough Kinetic Rock to play again; I had feared too much may have be lost due to my foolish lack of preparation. My kids are young and they aren’t exactly tidy. However if you do lose a bit into the hoover, you can buy more Kinetic Rock so you can keep playing with the Crushing Kit.

The Kinetic Rock Crusher can be bought from various toy shops including Amazon.

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I received the Spin Master Kinetic Rock Crushing Kit for free for the purposes of this review but the words are all mine. Follow Spin Master on Twitter or Facebook for more!
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