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Pulp Wine: A subscription box I can really get behind (review) With 50% off discount voucher code!

It finally happened. I have been sent the ultimate product to review: Wine. 

You might be aware that I’m a fan of wine. A wine enthusiast, if you will. If you hadn’t realised this then I can only assume that this is your first visit to this blog. Perhaps you’ve stumbled here by accident. Sorry.

After many years of dedicated and careful study of the art of Wine Drinking, I do tend to stick to the same thing these days; a nice, chilled, crisp Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. I tend to deviate from this only when I’m somewhere they don’t serve it or they do, and it will bankrupt me. But as tastes and palates do change with age it does occur to me that maybe I should branch out a bit. Mix it up. Make life a bit more exciting…

Cue possibly the best kind of subscription box I have ever seen, a ‘wine tasting’ subscription box from Pulp Wine. The last actual wine tasting I went to was just before I found out I was pregnant… so four years ago now! Well, I did go to one whilst pregnant but I didn’t get to taste much wine. So this sounded like a great idea, and something that would be an absolutely perfect Mother’s Day gift (almost as good as these!).

Once a month, subscribers receive a box containing something like this:

That’s four half-bottles of wine; two white and two red.

The idea is simple; you log on to the mobile-friendly website, choose whether you’re going with the white or red and then compare the two wines. The aim is to help you to discover new wines and hone your tastes in order to choose better wines in future, because we all know there’s nothing sadder than a crap bottle of wine.

And so, on to the wine tasting…

All you need to do is to taste each wine (fairly easy to do), and give it a rating on a user-friendly smiley face scale. That’s it. You can then learn more about the wines; including what food they pair with and a bit about the region.

This box contained Italian wines.

We started with the reds; a Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 and a Syrah 2014. I was expecting to like the Cabernet more and I did, but actually found it hard to choose between the two, although they both had distinct flavours. The Cabernet was jolly nice although the Syrah was also very drinkable. (No, in case you’re wondering, we didn’t spit it out…).  

I’m more often a white wine drinker, and the whites did not disappoint. I was particularly happy to see a Sauvignon Blanc 2015 there, as well as a Pinot Grigio 2015 (my second choice of white). I was shocked to find that when it comes to Italian wine, I preferred the Pinot to the more acidic Sauvignon; the region – and therefore, the conditions the grape is grown in – definitely dictates the flavour. This is something I’ll think about when ordering wine from now on. 

A subscription to Pulp costs £35 per month, including delivery and wine lessons.

You can also buy one-off boxes for £39 and I think they would make a lovely gift or treat, especially for a girl’s night in, a dinner party maybe or a date night.

If you’d like to try Pulp, you can get 50% off your first box by using the code FRAN50 at the checkout

At that price you really should try it! Who knows, you might have found yourself a new legit hobby for the CV.

You can find Pulp here online, on Facebook, on Twitter and on Instagram. Please drink responsibly, do you hear?

We received this subscription box free of charge for this review, but the words/opinions/mild hangover are my own. This post contains affiliate links.


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