Mission impossible: Hotter Shoes (and an adventure on the trains)

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Back in July last year, I went to a Hotter Shoes Bloggers’ event in Maidstone. 

I got to meet some lovely local bloggers and I even got a pair of sandals, which I wore and wore (and my toddler peed on) and am hoping to wear some more when the bloody sun comes out. It’s meant to be spring for God’s sake.

When Hotter announced they​ were holding an event in Bromley to look at their new lines, I asked to go along. What can I say; I am a sucker for a nice comfy pair of shoes (see this post). Local blogger Erica from The Incidental Parent was going along too, and we thought we’d meet at the train station, go in together and go for drinks afterwards because why not.

The train journey looked simple enough; 20ish minutes, little wait in the middle, and another 9 minutes. I calculated I needed to catch the 5.22pm train in order to make it in plenty of time (6.04pm to be precise). The train station being a little walk from home, I decided to get a bus.

This was my first mistake.

According to my worldy-wise husband, and a talkative old lady at the bus stop with whom I had the pleasure of passing TWENTY FIVE MINUTES whilst waiting for the goddamn bus I should never have believed the timetable, they’re more like ‘guidelines’. Bloody busses can just f!ck off. Three bloody quid to travel a mile and fifteen minutes too late to catch the train. Bus wankers.
Predictably, the next train was cancelled. Of course it bloody was. The one after that was running so late they decided it would no longer stop where I was going. The train that I ended up on left around 6pm instead of 5.22. It arrived at its destination 20 minutes later, and I hopped on another train. I was going to be a little late, but it was OK. Prosecco and shoes awaited

And then, just outside the station, the train stopped.

Signalling issues, according to the announcement. I knew however that this was a big old lie, because Erica was messaging me, telling me there was someone on the tracks at Bromley, and no one was going anywhere. After about 40 minutes, and with my phone battery all but dead, the driver announced that we would be going back to whence we came. Except we didn’t, we just went back to the last station and at the same time we arrived, a train which was actually travelling in the right direction departed the platform.

By now it was after seven. I was already half an hour late. I had a choice; wait for the next train home, or try and get to Bromley via another method. Fortunately the person had been safely escorted off of the tracks, but the trains still weren’t running in that direction. Never one to give up (even when admittedly it would be the better course of action) I tagged along with a nice lady who told me which bus I needed to get. Goddamnit I was not going to give up the prospect of a bottle of fizz and some shoes. It took about ten minutes to arrive and a further fifteen minutes to get to its destination, meaning I arrived at the Hotter store flustered and very, very late.

Where is everyone? Home, they’ve gone home

But no matter.

The lovely people in the shop poured me the last glass of fizzy, and let me try on some shoes. And since I already have a pair of sandals and it’s coming into spring, these are the ones that I chose:

They are really comfy. I chose navy (although they come in silver, red and lighter blue too) to match a dress I have. I’ve already worn them to an event, and I’ll be wearing them to a wedding this weekend. They’re the perfect shoe to wear to an all-day wedding, because they’re so comfortable I won’t be hobbling about by the time the evening do kicks in, but they’re also pretty and summery.

PRECIOUS SHOES - hotter.com
Someone is in desperate need of a tan

I received these shoes free of charge, thank you Hotter! For more details, check out their website or check out their Twitter or Facebook page. 

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