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This weekend, we were invited along to the first birthday celebrations of Under 1 Roof.

Situated in South East London, Under 1 Roof calls itself an ‘urban oasis for kids’; in practical terms it’s a a huge warehouse housing various child-friendly activities including soft play, a sensory room, a craft station and of course a cafe with tea and cake, as well as a nursery, a creche, desk space and a gym and spa.

The big one’s eyes lit up as soon as she saw the inside; it is set up like a town with different buildings and each one houses a different activity or small business including a handmade clothes shop, a kids’ hairdresser and a book shop. To a small person (even to an adult, actually) it’s a very impressive sight!

While the big one was having her face painted (like a butterfly, naturally), the most bizarre thing happened; an old uni pal who I had not seen since we lived together in Cardiff came and tapped me on the shoulder. It seems that in the intervening 13 (cough) years since we had last seen each other we had both had the fortune to pop out curly haired girly girls who love sparkle and then, under two years later, very cute curly haired boys. It’s a very small world indeed. The girls had great fun trying to pop the bubbleologist’s bubbles together.

Yep, you heard me right. I can now say I’ve seen a bubbleologist (I’m not sure if you need a qualification to become one of those. Total #careergoals right there).

The kids’ absolute favourite was the sensory room. They could happily have spent hours in there making the various equipment light up or make sounds. It’s a very special space indeed.

We had a brilliant time, neither of the kids wanted to leave and had to be forcibly removed from soft play in the usual fashion. They were both truly exhausted and fell asleep in the car home (so I’m told, I went out into London for a few drinks…The less said about that the better).

During the week, the centre hosts a number of classes for preschoolers in the day time and older kids too. As mentioned, they also offer a creche and desk facility from two years old which is a brilliant idea; you can play on Facebook work guilt-free while the kids have a marvellous time. I can definitely see myself making use of something like this in the future. They even have a gym; I probably wouldn’t use that if I’m honest, I’m way too lazy. I do wish there was an Under 1 Roof slightly closer to home, but I’m sure we’ll be going back; it’s easy to drive to and has good parking, two of my must-haves.

For more information visit their website here or their Facebook page here. We were given free entry to the party in exchange for this post.


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