My top ten family travel must-haves

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My top ten family travel essential must-haves

Heading off to sunnier climes with the kids in tow?

Having only done it a few times I’m no expert, but hopefully this list will provide you with some help and/or light relief as you sob into your 24kg-when-it-should-be-23kg luggage.

Here, in all its glory, is my list of essentials when travelling somewhere warm with the young children:

If you fancy seeing more about or buying the things on this list, try clicking the pictures – some are affiliate links. The tea bags aren’t. You shouldn’t have to buy tea bags online for goodness sake.

1) Camera

For Christmas I treated myself to a super-duper DSLR camera which is capable of taking very nice pictures (if I remember to charge the battery, point it in the direction and take the lens cap off). I’ve only just got to the point where I’m not too scared to take it out of the house in case I accidentally drop it and smash it. It would be nice to get some pictures of something other than the inside of my living room.

2) Plastic bags

This is a sensible one! Place all liquids that could explode and render your luggage unwearable inside plastic bags, and then you can use them to transport wet swimming costumes about so your bags don’t get soggy. BOOM.

Ocado plastic bag
Some people do fancy flatlays.
I have an Ocado bag.

3) Pepto Bismol

OK so I’m sure you’ve read about the most disastrous family holiday of 2016, if not all time (if not, please do go here. In fact why not head there anyway to refresh your memory and relive the nightmare, and convince yourself that I obviously need a free holiday more than anyone else in the world…).

For this reason, I would not travel without the gloopy pink remedy for when you just can’t get off the loo or stop puking. In fact, I would hesitate to travel anywhere without a fully stocked portable medicine cabinet; plasters and paracetamol, immodium. Why not throw in some dioralyte too, might as well.

pepto bismol, for when you can't stop pooping

4) Sun cream

All the sun cream. Because if you run out on holiday, or it happened to explode in your luggage (see number 2) and you find yourself with none to hand, you have to decide to buy more or go without. It’ll sting either way. Obviously, we never go without. #Responsible. Try this stuff, it’s brilliant.

5) Hats

You (yes you, and more importantly I) can pull off hats on holiday, unlike at any other time at all. Make the most of this opportunity. Wear all the hats.

Just casually coming down the stairs at 9.30pm. In a pink hat.

6) A nice pair of sunglasses

For misplacing/sitting on on the first day.

I have literally no idea where they ended up.

7) Clothes

Some clothes. I don’t know, I’m not a fashion blogger. You have clothes right? Take some weather-appropriate ones of those. I’d suggest if you’re jetting off somewhere where it’s supposed to be 30 degrees then you probably don’t need to take your duffel coat. Definitely take enough pairs of pants to see you through, and always at least one spare pair just in case. Travelling with kids? Pack all the spare clothes you can fit in your suitcase.

8) Ear plugs

And not just to block out the misery of your own children; I went on a holiday once and we were placed next to a couple that would scream at each other and then have loud, quite angry sex to make up for it. Every day. It sounded exhausting. And did I mention loud?

9) Tea bags

Because there is nothing as depressing as crap tea. Except perhaps no tea at all. They don’t have to be fancy, they just need to get the job done.

Tea bags

10) Technology

An iPad pre-loaded with the entirety of C-Beebies back catalogue for the kids so they don’t go rabid without their Mr Tumble fix.

Invest in a decent case. We learned the hard way.

My little notebook for me so I don’t go rabid without my blogging fix.

If you are after handy tips for travelling with small children, do check out this post!

My top ten family travel must-haves - top tips for those going on holiday or vacation with small children or toddlers



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