Me time with Maryland Cookie Bites: A review with a bit of #MarylandMagic

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What is just about the best thing you can receive through the post?

As a blogger, I do get some weird and wonderful parcels (you should see some of the stuff I say a polite No Thank You to!) but the best thing I’ve had this month has to be packets of Maryland Cookie Bites.

They’re basically teeny tiny cookies all smothered in chocolate and they come in two varieties; Choc Chip and Choc Chip and Caramel (my personal favourite, in case you were wondering).

I was asked to do a review of them, but then the kids were sick, and I was sick, and it was hell, so between us we ate all four packets (sorry, diet) and then we had to go out and buy more in order to review them. Oopsie. I have no regrets.

Anyway, so buy more we did, and here it is in all its glory: Our first video review. Cringe (Please insert excuses here about my hair and the amount of snot you’re about to see):

You may have noticed that the small one doesn’t actually like chocolate or biscuits. The big one and I on the other hand do, very much, like chocolate and biscuits. I have no idea where he came from; I’m not even sure if he’s my child as clearly I will happily accept a pre-chewed chocolate biscuit no bother.

Maryland Cookie Bites are the nuts. They make a lovely snack – particularly for a poorly mum – but their size means they’re also the perfect bribery tool. If you have feisty toddlers, take note.

This post is sponsored by Maryland Cookies. The cookies were provided free of charge but obviously words/opinions are my own, and my children’s. You can buy Maryland Cookie Bites at most supermarkets. You can follow Maryland Cookies on Twitter and Facebook.


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