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We review me&i clothes who sell adult and children clothing in Scandi bright and bold, unisex prints

I first approached me&i, a Swedish clothing company, not for the children but for myself (selfish, I know right).

I was due to attend Blogfest and I fancied something new to wear, as all my clothes seem to have shrunk in the wash since I had children. Ahem. I liked the look of this printed wrap dress and thought that it might suit my er…fairly rounded figure. Sadly, the outfit did not reach me, thanks to the truly diabolical My Hermes who delivered it to a seemingly random address.

Fortunately they re-dispatched the package and I got my dress in the end – just in time to wear on my trip to Paris (et, voila!).

It was lovely and soft and warm, dare I say quite flattering and has washed up nicely.

I couldn’t resist getting the kids some cute matching outfits (to each other, not to me. I am not yet that person). One of the great pleasures in having small children (there have to be some, right?) is being able to dress them up as you like. For me this means my inner fashionista (long, long dead) living vicariously through their extensive wardrobes made from organic cotton while I wear four year old Primark jeans which are going through on the knees and have an oil stain on them.

Now I would obviously have loved a nice outdoorsy photoshoot, with the Whingelets marvelling wide-eyed at the wonder of nature, whilst frolicking in a meadow…

But come on, it’s January and it’s a bit nippy for that, so we had to make do with our conservatory-cum-playroom which isn’t exactly the tidiest place in the world because Christmas just happened, and the day before this my parents came to visit to deposit the final Christmas presents on us – the ones that wouldn’t fit in the car the first time round.

Turns out, I had to bribe them with food to stay still, but hey… at least the clothes look nice…

Here is small one pulling off a whistful middle-distance stare whilst rocking his lion bodysuit.
I love the design of these velour lion pants particularly the detail on the bottom.
I have no idea what she’s doing. Possibly ‘The Robot’, whilst wearing her tunic dress.

I didn’t want to do this review until we’d had time to see what the clothes were actually like once worn in a bit.

One of the things that worries me about writing reviews is the longevity of the items if the turnaround for the review is short; people are buying things based on your word and so you have to be fairly sure that they’re going to last a reasonable amount of time. It’s a tough call.

Well, I am pleased to say that we have had the clothes since November, and as you see them now, they’ve been worn, had yogurt and juice spilled on them, and been washed many times. Each time they’ve come out of the tumble drier perfectly.

Now I have to be honest, the clothes are a little pricier than I would usually pay to clothe my two. I am a huge skinflint and I am a big fan of second-hand clothes; supermarket clothes in a pinch. But the number of nice comments I’ve had when they’re wearing them and questions about where they came from shows that they obviously stand out as being a bit different.

The way they’ve not faded, bobbled or shown any sign of wear after many washes is, for me, proof of the quality. Upon checking out their website (no, I wasn’t about to buy more, I promise. Promise) it appears that me&i are currently having a half price sale, which means that many designs of clothes including the ones you see here are now down to pretty much bargain prices; definitely worth a look if you like Scandi style, bright and cheerful prints and unisex kids’ clothes.

I received these clothes for free for the purposes of this review – but the words and opinions are my own. 

As well as online, me&i also sell via consultants. Although I love the clothes, I’m not much of a salesperson; but if you fancy making yourself a little bit of income via hosting parties and the like then check out how here.



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