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Remember back in December, when we had our garden office built?

No? Let me jog your memory.

Despite the fact it’s bitterly cold outside at the moment we have been making regular use of it; Doug (daddy; seems a bit weird to refer to him as that out of context though) has been using it to work from home without the kids spotting him, and I’ve even been going out there of an evening for a bit of a change of scenery.

At the time it was pretty bare, but as office principles dictate it is the only child-free area in the house, my husband has taken it upon himself to make it his ‘space’. Now before I show you the inside, I should explain; I am married to an unashamed Sci-fi geek.

We moved furniture from the house in, along with some of Doug’s ‘toys’ (they are toys, I don’t know why I used the inverted commas there).

We are planning to extend the house this year which will involve knocking down the conservatory, so we thought it might be a good idea to relocate furniture from the conservatory rather than buy more.

It worked for about two seconds before the space became filled with toys. We’ll worry about what is to become of those when it’s about to be demolished.

We already had a few pictures and prints up, but it was still looking pretty empty, so when I asked him whether he would like to take Posterlounge up on their kind offer of posters to decorate our new bare walls, he started shopping before I’d even gone back and said yes.

Rather than go for something classy and classic, he decided he wanted film posters and went for: Westworld, Logan’s Run, Buck Rogers, Battlestar Galactica & Mad Max (I feel the need to point out that I haven’t watched all of these myself).

We chose Alu-Dibond material; it is more expensive than average posters but makes them resistant to moisture and sunlight; both of which could become a problem over time in a log cabin outbuilding.

They arrived well packaged. The Alu-Dibond prints come with with separate fixings, which you have to add 24 hours before you are planning to hang them. It’s taken us a while to get them up properly but now they’re up, they definitely add to the space.

While the films might not be to my personal taste, Doug is pleased with them, and hopefully the prints will last a long time.

What do you think?

Posterlounge is an online art publishing house based in Leipzig, Germany. They offer a huge array of prints and posters in various sizes in six different materials, and all with free shipping. We were gifted the prints in exchange for this post but all opinions and words are mine.

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