A step by step guide to fixing matted doll’s hair

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Does your child have a favourite doll which hasn’t been looked after properly?

Do they have an Elsa doll with matted hair? A Barbie with fuzzy, frizzy and ruined hair? A My London Girl that has hair uncannily like mine (without the roots) and is desperately in need of a bit of TLC?

I bet they do, toddlers are rubbish at looking after things.

Well never fear, I’m here to help!

Here is my guide to fixing matted dolls hair!

fixing matted doll's hair
This actually wasn’t our doing, as we were given this doll given in amongst a bag of toys. There is nothing as exciting to a toddler as a big bag of handmedown toys.

I’m not sure who it is; it’s a Disney doll, any ideas? This was her outfit:

I’ve googled but I’m none the wiser (in fact I’ll probably never sleep again after I reverse-Google-searched the image below. Can you tell it’s annoying me? I probably need a hobby) but the big one liked it and as much as I wanted to bin it, she formed some kind of strange attachment to it despite it having the hair of a smelly stray poodle.

fixing matted doll's hair
So, because I’m a nice mum who doesn’t just bin stuff my child likes, I’ve scoured the corners of the interwebs to find out how to fix the damn thing, and I am here to show you how to do it in an easy step by step manner.

1) Soak hair in fabric conditioner

For at least several hours, if not overnight. I did it for about three days as I forgot all about it, so it got  proper good soaking. I got this fabric conditioner free in my Ocado order, I don’t even use fabric conditioner (perhaps I should? Maybe Ocado are trying to tell me something?) so I wasn’t above wasting it in the name of experimentation.

fixing matted doll's hair

2) Rinse through.

Well enough, she’s not real so it doesn’t actually matter too much if it ends up a bit greasy.

fixing matted doll's hair

3) Brush thoroughly.

Starting at the ends to get out the tangles, of course.

4) Get fed up.

Realise that doesn’t f*cking work and so cut the stupid bloody stuff off in a fit of rage.

fixing matted doll's hair

5. Pray…

That the toddler does not notice and/or this does not make her cry.

You are so very welcome

Edit! One of my friends just found this. The mystery is solved! Wait, how much?

Aw, shit.

Pin this very useful guide for later!

A step by step how-to guide to detangling and fixing matted doll's hair! Make your barbie doll good as new. Kinda. #parentinghacks #dollshair #tips #toys


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