Bring on the clowns: A childfree evening out to see Cirque Du Soleil’s Amaluna

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I was recently invited by Oxfam to attend and review a special charity opening night performance of Cique Du Soleil’s Amaluna at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Now, there are few things that this mum enjoys more than a care and child free evening out, but they are, sadly, something of a rarity nowadays; scheduling conflicts, childcare issues and general apathy/lack of actually wanting to move after the kids are in bed are usually to blame.

I’ll be honest though; even with the promise of a night off of bedtime and the prospect of wine, I wasn’t immediately convinced. I’ve never really seen myself as a fan of the circus and a trip to London can be a fraught affair,  but when I mentioned it to a friend she said she had seen Cirque years ago and it was fantastic and we had to go. Although we often have very different ideas of what constitutes fun* I gave her the benefit of the doubt and we trekked up to London in the snow to see the show.

I’d never been to the Royal Albert Hall before, but it doesn’t disappoint. With the likes of Richard and Judy (can’t believe I missed out on meeting them huh?) and someone from Strictly who I don’t know because I don’t watch Strictly taking the top spots, we were up in the circle, but even from quite high up we didn’t miss a thing – we were quite happy to relax with our wine in a plastic pint glass, trying to take everything in.

Amaluna is the coming-of-age tale of Miranda, a very bendy young girl. The show is made up of 70% female performers, but among the males; her pet lizard and her love interest, who likes taking his shirt off. It’s loosely based on The Tempest; but don’t worry too much about the story, as that isn’t really what the Cirque experience is about.

I can’t adequately describe what watching Amaluna was like. Magical, surprising, confusing, dramatic, hold-your-breath kind of stuff. The music (supplied by an all-female band), the costumes, the set and of course the immensely talented (and scarily flexible) performers have all got the wow factor. It’s an incredible show; the strength and agility of the performers will amaze you and the acts will leave you spellbound.

If you’ve ever seen Cirque Du Soleil in action, you’ll know exactly what I mean. If you haven’t, then take the opportunity to go and see it while you can; it’s on until 26 February and you can get tickets here. I wouldn’t take my toddlers because they’re ungrateful swines, but older children would definitely love it.

My son also likes to hang from things by his neck, but less gracefully.

Given the small one likes climbing and launching himself off of things, I’m now considering sending him to circus school (it’s an actual thing, I looked it up; only another year and three months until he’s eligible).

*This particular friend has never read mine nor any other blog, so I can pretty much say what I want about her; but she’s travelling to Australia this week to watch the tennis – I love her dearly but that’s mad.

Thank you to Oxfam for giving me this experience. The event was help to raise awareness (and of course money) to help some of the the world’s poorest people, and particularly women living in extreme poverty. To support Oxfam’s work, please text LIGHT to 70066 to donate £2.

Photos courtesy of LD Communications (apart from one. Guess which).

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