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 I’ve mentioned before that my husband and I have the same birthday.

Bloody cheek of it.

There are some ways in which it’s really convenient to share a birthday; he’s never forgotten. In a life before children, we used to be able to do something fun together like go away for the weekend or even go on holiday and we could justify the cost.

But dammit, sharing a birthday with your significant other can be a pain in the arse and these are my top five reasons:

1) You will never know whether they would have remembered of their own volition.

Or whether you would have.

2) Your kids will grow up confused. 

One day they’ll have to realise that this isn’t the same for all couples.

3) No one gets spoiled. 

It’s not fair for one person to wake up with the kids on their birthday… So you both do. No lie-ins for me.

4) Someone will do more.

…and the other person will feel bad about it. Unless you lay down strict spending criteria, someone’s going to feel a bit guilty. Swapping a diamond necklace for a pair of Star Trek socks does feel a little inequitable.

5) Once you’ve been together a while and have joint finances it gets a bit ridiculous to spend loads of money on one day… 

On stuff you probably wouldn’t spend your own money on. A bit like Christmas. Because of this, my husband has not had a proper birthday present from me in a long time.

I’ve not got the best track record for buying gifts.

This year it was our sixth wedding anniversary which is traditionally celebrated with iron. I bought some Iron Man gloves which I thought was a great idea. He didn’t. I am a pretty crap wife.

In October, he reached the ripe old age of 35. Although not technically a milestone birthday, given at least the last three years have been utterly disappointing on the gift front, I felt I needed to try harder.

However, now that I’m a stay-at-home-mum, our household income is now entirely dependent on him and it’s a bit crap to have to buy your own gifts, so I thought I’d use my blogging powers to get him something special.

When I saw the Jord (pronounced yoad, like toad. Bet you didn’t know that) Wood men’s watches I knew they’d appeal to him.

It’s a shame I hadn’t come across them last year when it was our fifth anniversary which is ‘wood.’ He bought me a little wooden treasure chest with nice things in it (wine, if I recall correctly; Oyster Bay sav blanc); I got him a new baby that screamed constantly and didn’t let us sleep for seventeen months and counting.

Here I am, trying to get a photo.
Yes, that’s a box of wine.
It’s quite ‘on-brand’.

The Jord Wood watch I chose for him was Frankie in Sandalwood and Emerald.

He’s not one for fussy details and this one was simple yet still unusual. The RRP is $189 – about £150 (depending on the exchange rate).

It has, apparently, become something of a talking point in the office and has divided opinion (the marmite of watches, perhaps) but he likes it.

Jord Wood Watches Frankie Sandalwood

One thing I do recommend is making sure you take care to size it properly and don’t round up ‘just in case’. When his watch arrived, it was too loose and because the strap is made from wood rather than metal, the local jewellers wouldn’t resize it. However we bought this cheap kit from Amazon and he said it was really simple to do himself. And he’s no DIY pro (sorry, I do love you, but you know that’s true).

Jord Wood Watches Frankie Sandalwood

Jord Wood Watches Frankie Sandalwood

If you think that a Jord Wood Watch would make a great gift for someone you know, then you can get $25 off by using this link (first 100 only).

Now I just have to think of something to get him for Christmas.

We received this watch free for the purposes of this review, but all thoughts and opinions are mine. And the bit about being a crap wife, that’s mine too. All mine. Thanks very much Jord for making me look a little less crap this year.

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