Another birthday blog: @KidsParcel review

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Another birthday blog: @KidsParcel review

One thing that birthdays lose as you get older is the element of surprise. 

If you actually get any presents at all, they are usually ones you’ve specifically asked for or at least circled in the Argos catalogue left open on the appropriate page. Or slippers.

For kids though, birthdays are magical and all about surprises. Turning three years old, it was the first year that she has not only been aware of ‘special present opening and eating cake and being the centre of attention’ day but also anticipated it.

When Kids Parcel approached me about reviewing one of their mystery present boxes, I thought it would be a great idea as the big one’s third birthday was coming up and it would add a little bit of surprise fun for all of us. I definitely didn’t say yes because it would take away the hassle of actually picking birthday presents. No siree.

The kids parcel and a dog

They handpick the items (you get at least five in a box) based on the child’s age (3-10 years old) and gender (if you select it).

When it arrived, I had two choices; open the box, find out what was inside and use the opportunity to do a nice flatlay picture of the contents (maybe) or wrap it up and wait until her birthday in order to be surprised with her.

We chose option number two which is why there are no decent pictures. Apologies.

She had other presents but she opened the box first because it was biggest and that’s what kids do.

Opening the kids parcel on her third birthday

Inside the box was some orange packaging which she swiftly dumped on the carpet to retrieve the presents inside:

The contents of her kids parcel
Yea…the Play Doh didn’t last. Eurgh.

Despicable Me 2 on DVD 
This was put on straight away, for as much as the appearance of Minions on strange and grammatically incorrect Facebook memes has set me dead against them, the big one seems to love them…

An Inside Out story book 
We’ve got Inside Out on DVD but haven’t watched it yet, but I’m sure when we have done she will enjoy this.

A psychedelic unicorn 
What’s not to love?

A cow puppet 
This one was actually commandeered by the small one. Big one has never really been into puppets, I’m not sure why.

A couple of Tsum Tsum squishies 
I have no idea what the purpose of these is, but somehow they seem to appeal to toddlers.

 A big colouring book 
We love colouring books. They’re preferable to the wall at any rate.

Play Doh 
This was by far the biggest hit and was immediately ruined in the customary manner.

playing with playdoh from the kids parcel

Overall, I’d say that our box provided enough variety to keep her entertained and there were a few surefire wins in there. 

If you are buying for your own children then yes, it’s something you could do yourself fairly easily – but for a niece, nephew or friend’s child it takes the decision making element out of it.

It would perhaps be nice to see some slightly cheaper boxes; a £10 or £15 mystery box would make a good gift for a birthday party.

It was definitely nice to have a surprise. Maybe they’ll make them for adults one day, because that would make birthdays much more exciting. Unless they had slippers in them.

The boxes usually cost £29.99 with free shipping. We received our for free for the purposes of this review. You can check out the different boxes that Kids Parcel offer for kids aged 3-10 years on their website. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.



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