Happy third birthday!

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As you’ll probably know, my laptop is still broken. Well, it might be fixed, but whatever state it is in, I do not have it.

Rather annoyingly, I’d written the best part of a ‘happy birthday’ post and then saved it – not in Blogger (yes, gasp, I’m still on Blogger. I’m way too lazy to contemplate moving) but in Word. Why, I have ABSOLUTELY no idea but it does mean that rather than a well thought out, reflective and heartfelt piece with a few nice pictures thrown in, it’s going to be a ramble about the day (well, three days really. Have to fit the grandparents in!).

Anyway, enough excuses.

Monday was the big one’s third birthday. We didn’t throw a birthday party for many reasons; firstly, we really don’t have the space here, and paying to outsource it although an excellent idea is an added cost we just can’t swallow at the moment. Besides, she has just started pre-school and I don’t know what her friends are even called, let alone know their parents.

Having received (and accepted) invitations to four third birthdays over the next few weeks (two of which are on the same day. What the hell have I done? And daddy’s not even here that day…) has made me feel slightly guilty but hey, she’s three. There are plenty of birthdays to come, lord have mercy, and as long as she is content with balloons and cake and being the centre of her grandparents’ attention then I’ll take the easy option.

Yea, don’t worry, I didn’t make it myself. It actually tasted very nice.
Thank you Helen for helping us out!

Skipping over the painful all-day hangover/family celebrations that came with Sunday, Monday (her actual birthday) was going to be a special day because Daddy had taken the day off work and we were going to do something “exciting”, although we hadn’t decided what. At the very last moment we thought we would go up to London on the train to go to the aquarium. We even braved the stations with no lift again.


Do you know what?

I have barely anything to report. We had fun, or an approximation of. If there are anything more exciting to a toddler than trains and sharks, then I don’t know about it. I’d really rather expected something noteworthy to happen, but I’m not sad to say it didn’t.

Everyone was properly knackered when we got home and so the kids changed almost immediately into their pyjamas; big one had some lovely and very cosy new Lazy One PJs for the occasion, which were gifted to us by the lovely folks at Toddler Tools. Note the owl-based pun. Two thumbs up.

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