The big one starts preschool

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The big one has just started preschool.

It is an emotional time. Not for her (she’s fine), for me.

Mainly because of the fact she’s only away for three hours at a time twice a week and during those three hours (about 2hrs 40minutes taking out the walk there and back) I have to:

  • Get the small one down for his nap. Last Thursday this took an hour and 45 minutes. It was not a good day, although when I managed to walk down those steps and turn on the kettle for my victory cup of tea I felt like I’d achieved something real.
  • Make the house reasonably presentable, put on washing, put the dishwasher on. This step often gets skipped entirely, I won’t lie. Especially on days like last Thursday.
  • Watch Bake Off. This is vital work.
  • Wait for the computer to upgrade Windows.¬†Because it’s decided it has to do it NOW because of course it has.
  • Maybe do an online shop. Or a real one (shudder). Apparently we need food to live or something.
  • Write stuff for this blog.¬†I mean I don’t have to, but I like to kid myself that somebody reads it and might notice if I didn’t, thanks.
First day of preschool.

Oh, and of course it means she’s growing up too.


I genuinely can’t believe how quickly it’s happening, right in front of my eyes she has turned from a bald, puking, screaming newborn to a puking, screaming toddler with a metric tonne of attitude and extremely beautiful hair, which old ladies stop us and comment on at least once per day.

Said beautiful hair

Said beautiful hair

She’s a bright little cookie too.

I mean, all kids are according to their own parents, I know that, but she’s not even three and her understanding of things just blows me away. You cannot pull the wool over her eyes, not ever.

She also has this excitement about learning. She wants to know WHY. Because it just is, and I’m your mother and I said so, that’s why.

I think she’s going to absolutely love it.

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