Londonit: Whingelets tackle the big smoke with Little Tikes

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Londonit: Whingelets tackle the big smoke with Little Tikes

So Monday might have been wet, miserable and full of poop but on Wednesday, I got my parenting mojo back.

We had a thoroughly exhausting but brilliantly fun day out in our nation’s fair capital. See? It’s not always doom and gloom over here (it’s just arguably funnier – for you, not me – when it is).

We were lucky enough to be invited along begged to go along to a Little Tikes event to have a look at (and a play with) their new range of toys.

It meant actually dragging the big one out of bed in order to make the train to London, which was quite satisfying in a way. I cannot wait to do that to the small one; I will be oh so full of glee.

Fortunately, Daddy was on hand to get us out of the door on time and even came along with us for the first part of the journey; good job really as I took the double buggy (roughly the size and weight of a Sherman tank) and the lifts at the station weren’t working…

It was the Whingelet’s first experience of trains, London and blogging events.

Predictably, they were extremely excited (maybe a little too excited) about all of it. The commuters on the train were less so, despite the kids actually being pretty well behaved (as toddlers go. They’re still toddlers) but hey, perhaps those grumpy people shouldn’t have waited until the morning train to do their homework.

The excitement of the train journey paled in to insignificance when they were presented with a room full of food, toys and BALLOONS, and an adult-sized Cozy Coupe car which I commandeered and drove back to Kent.

This might be my favourite picture of me ever

But it was mainly all about the balloons, I have to be honest. These kids are suckers for a helium filled balloon.

We even had time to do a little sight seeing with Emily from Emily and Indiana and Harriet from Life With Mrs Lee (and their collective beautiful children) and had a little picnic at Trafalgar Square before coming home.

No major tantrums, no children lost, no puddles on the floor. 

The sun shone. All told, it was pretty good.

Awww, right?

The small one – to my utter astonishment – took a short nap whilst being pushed round London but this came to an abrupt end when his sister decided to poke him and remove his dummy. Easy come, easy go.

By the time we got back home (after diverting to the shops to buy a ‘treat’ in the shape of a 79p Disney Princess cupcake kit. Even I find it hard to screw those up*) it was about 2pm and, given the day had already gone miraculously well, I thought I’d push my luck and try him for another nap.

Yea… didn’t happen. Although while I was trying the big one decided to make the cupcakes with some Oxo cubes I’d also bought and left in the bag. So that was fun.

During the countdown to (a single handed) bedtime I had two extremely overtired monkeys, although that’s not what I called them in my head at the time. Due to sheer exhaustion they were down and asleep by half six, which is something of a record, with the small one snuggled up to this little guy who I found in the epic Little Tikes goody bag, and who kindly did the singing for me. At last, I am no longer terrified of getting laryngitis.

If, like ours, your home and garden is pretty much a Little Tikes showroom, they have a new range just in time for Christmas which is worth checking out, although my favourite will always be the classic…

A big thank you to them for letting us gatecrash and steal balloons (one of which made it back intact).

*But I managed. Jesus they were awful.


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