So she made sushi: Getting healthy food inside your toddler with Yutaka

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So she made sushi: Getting healthy food inside your toddler with Yutaka

Warning: May contain bad puns

My daughter was such a good eater as a baby; she never refused a thing and would eat vegetables with glee. She actually did most things with glee; it’s how we were tricked into having another one.

Then, suddenly and without fair warning, the inevitable fussy toddler stage hit. Getting healthy food into her now seems to require a level of commitment that I just can’t pull off every day of the week; Daddy has got all the patience in the world for pretending to eat her food and letting her steal it from him at the last minute. Up until now this has worked a treat, but lately her enthusiasm for the game has started to wane and now our arsenal of tricks is limited to the old classic of hiding veg in sauce.

Home grown pea pod

But last week, a bizarre thing happened.

My daughter picked some pea pods straight from the plant, and ate them. No fuss, no blending them into a sauce. Just pea pods, raw and fresh.

Obviously it was bad news for the stir fry I had planned for tea which was mange tout-less, and worse news for my reputation with the neighbours as she keeps shouting ‘I need a pea!’ really loudly.

Toddler eating peas from the pod

Sadly though, my brief fantasy of a Good Life style household cannot be; I am not green fingered enough (nor do I have the time) to grow all the vegetables we need all year round; peas and the odd tomato, maybe a courgette… that’s about my limit. I am no Felicity Kendal.

But it did give me an idea…

Maybe, just maybe, she would eat healthy food more willingly if she could make it herself? She’s not the most patient of children (she’s two, go figure) so waiting for food to cook is a tough business. What we need is something fun, quick and healthy.

You may recall that my o-fish-al sponsor for Britmums Live this year was the UK based Japanese food company Yutaka. They have recently created a ‘Sushi Starter Kit‘ which contains everything you need to make 12 nori rolls – you just add your filling and roll it up.

I love sushi, but I have never thought about making it at home, and even less so with the toddlers present. But the pack insists that it’s Japan-easy, and so I thought we would give it a bash. It sounded too good to ig-Nori. (Yes, that’s a really bad one. Soy sorry).

So I boiled up the rice, steamed some salmon, and chopped an avocado on the sly so she wouldn’t stand there and shout ‘Don’t cook it mummy!’ at me (I don’t know, my guess is as good as yours).

Then we made sushi! And it was easy.

Toddler making sushi
Then you get the sheet of nori, place the rice and filling on it
(She “helped”)…
Hand made Yutaka sushi rolls
Use the bamboo mat to roll it up…
Hand rolled sushi with Yutaka sushi kit
Et voila! In retrospect a sharp knife would have been handy
Hand made salmon sushi with Yutaka sushi kit
But it didn’t look too bad, heavily filtered.

Well, that’s just how we roll.

So, did my theory work? Did she eat every mouthful?

Well actually, no. She picked it apart and ate the insides. For goodness saké.

Big toddler eating sushiBaby eating sushi

The small one on the other hand made light work of it. It’s a strong taste for a youngun but he obviously has his mother’s tastebuds. He heartily approved, and obviously thought it was jolly good as he tried to cram it in his mouth all at once.

It made miso happy to see that he enjoyed it. The big one did say, despite the fact she didn’t actually eat much of it, that she had fun. I couldn’t nigri more…

The sushi starter kit costs £3.99 from most supermarkets and you can also buy it from Amazon. One kit plus the filling fed the three of us. I was given a kit free for the purposes of this post, but already have already bought another because I love sushi and I can’t help myself.

Baby with sushi everywhere

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