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There are very few things that I would publicly state that I am connoisseur of, but cake is most definitely among them.

I very, very rarely say no to cake. If you want to know the way to my heart, it is a good lemon drizzle. Or fruit cake. Or Victoria sponge.

However, as much as I enjoy cake, I seem to be wholly incompetent at making them. I will one day go into the reasons that I do not do home baking but suffice to say the results are less this:

A beautiful cake which I didn't make
Shamelessly pilfered from a talented friend

And more this:

Sunken sad cakes

I digress.

The people at BakerDays contacted me a few months back about reviewing one of their Letterbox cakes. They’re called Letterbox cakes because, get this, they fit through your letterbox.

Despite being a dedicated cake-for-any-and-all-occasions girl I thought it might be nice if I had it delivered in time for the baby’s first birthday. After all, no first birthday (nor any subsequent birthday) is complete without cake. I asked them if they would be willing to schedule me in and they were very accommodating. I got to pick a design and personalise it and best of all, they had a gluten free version to please my difficult little family. They also do a dairy-free one.

The cake arrived two days ago in plenty of time for his birthday today (one year old! I know, right? How am I still alive?).

It came with a tin, candles, balloons, and a little card and some of those little blower things that I honestly can’t remember the name of:

Baker days cake
It is just big enough for a family of four to have a slice each. Or for one very lucky birthday boy or girl to eat in one sitting, if that is their wish. It’s their birthday after all. Let’s try not to judge.

My particular birthday boy did not know what to make of the odd tradition of setting something on fire and thrusting it into his face. It is his first time after all.

Fortunately his sister, ever helpful and experienced in birthday cake, assisted. And lo and behold, the cake was served.

Toddler likes cake
So does baby

So the verdict?

It tasted lovely; for a gluten free cake especially, it was really good. Very moist and not crumbly like a lot of gluten free cake I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a few…).

I think they’re great. What could be better than getting one of these through the post instead of a birthday card? Plus I never know which stamp to stick on and neither does anyone else; there’s always one who doesn’t use the right one on their card and you have to go to the post office and pay a pound to get it. And they never have money in.

If you fancy a cake through your letterbox, you can find BakerDays online, on Facebook and Twitter. If you order your cake before 2pm it can be delivered the next day – perfect if you are as forgetful as I am.


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