Cutting it fine: I’m going to Britmums Live 2016 aka #BML16!

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Cutting it fine: I'm going to Britmums Live 2016 aka #BML16!

Yep! I’m going!

Britmums Live 2016 (or #BML16 as the cool kids call it) is this Saturday and, in my conventional style, I have a last minute ticket to go! Woohoo! I am going to go and be bewildered (and possibly a little tipsy) surrounded by hundreds of other bloggers.

Here is my #BML16 lowdown:

My name: Frances, Fran or MummyMummyMummyMummy. If you’re reading this I’d probably stick with one of the first two.

My blog: This one right here, Whinge Whinge Wine. It’s award nominated and everything.

Find me on social media at: FB @whingewhingewine T @whingewine IG @whingewine

How I look: Confused, mostly. And also like this:

Is this my first blogging event? It is! I’ve been blogging the grand total of six months and only a few seriously. When I first heard about BML I recall thinking ‘Why would ANYONE go to that?’. Well obviously, it’s sucked me in. Fear of missing out and all that. So together with the Mumzilla, my hilarious Chucklemums Co-host, secured sponsorship from Japanese food company Yutaka. I flipping love sushi. Watch this space for more to come!

I will be wearing… clothes, if I am not someone send me home in a taxi please. I’m even hoping for something snot and vomit free, but I won’t guarantee it.

What I hope to gain from #BML16: I want to learn more about blogging and what I need to know, and I really can’t wait to meet all the lovely ladies I’ve been chatting to. I would also very much like to watch Emma from Island Living storm it at the BiBs!

My tips for a great conference: Be first at the buffet table. No shame. 

In a fit of trying to be all profesh,
I have 100 of these so you’re
going to have to take one



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