He’s in fashion with Funky Giraffe Bibs review

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He's in fashion with Funky Giraffe Bibs review

I am fortunate, so some say, in that I have had the opportunity to experience producing and mothering both a girl and a boy baby. 

Obviously from this very small sample size I really can’t extrapolate much; for what it’s worth my girl baby was happier and (although I did not appreciate it at the time) a better sleeper; my boy baby has been quicker to do the physical stuff; rolling, crawling, standing, cruising, taking steps and I assume one day very soon, walking. He’s also far more likely to wee across the room.  I doubt these observations hold true across the board, apart from the weeing.

However, there is one major difference between having a girl baby and having a boy baby which I can imagine is the same for a lot of mums; the clothes.

Once they’ve stopped being sick on absolutely everything within seconds, buying clothes for a baby girl can be fun.

It’s like having your very own living (messy, writhing, pooping, noisy, sleep stealing) doll and with enough cash there is no limit to the clothes you can buy for them; from cute little cardigans and comfy leggings to ridiculously impractical dry-clean only dresses (WHY DO THESE  EXIST??) which are only ever bought by other people and cost too much to actually contemplate letting your baby wear them. I am still a big fan of leggings for the toddler, at a few quid a pair, they are easy to put on, peel off and to wash. Or bin.

But I can’t deny, choosing pretty clothes for my baby daughter certainly took my mind of the fact that I was probably never going to be able to wear nice clothes ever again.

Some of the more impractical outfits…
Just WHY?
Use poppers. POPPERS.

Don’t get me wrong, I love having a boy.

But I’ll admit, the clothes just aren’t as fun.

In general, boy’s clothes are blue, boring, and practical, and sometimes not even that (I’m talking stiff jeans, flat caps, anything with teeny tiny neck buttons you break a nail doing up). T-shirts seem to have diggers, trains or other vehicles on them or else annoying slogans. I can’t be the only one who doesn’t like slogan t-shirts. At the risk of sounding uncompetitive, my baby can’t actually read, and I feel a little uncomfortable asserting on his behalf that he loves me (he certainly shouts at me a lot), and putting him in a t-shirt warning passers by that he is trouble seems a bit mean (if accurate).

The one thing I do enjoy are the accessories. Having been blessed with a refluxy baby who has been apparently teething forever (and yet to this day only has two teeth although he can chomp his way through steak like a champ) we have a LOT of dribble bibs. They are extremely handy for stemming the unending flow of drool and puke with the added benefit of making him look a little bit like a teeny tiny cowboy.

However, not all dribble bibs were created equal.

When my daughter was a dribbling, sticky baby, we bought many cheap disappointing bibs; we bought expensive ones. And then we came across Funky Giraffe. Funky Giraffe bibs are great, they are cheap (starting at about £2 each), they’re soft but the dribble doesn’t permeate through leaving a soggy top and leading to cheesy neck syndrome. That’s the worst.

When they approached me about doing a review I knew I wanted to say yes. After all, my little cowboy definitely deserves a few new things that aren’t pink. After a lot of browsing (because there are so many bibs and almost none of them have diggers on them) I ordered the bibs on Wednesday morning and was stunned when they arrived under 24 hours later.

I think you’ll agree he looks fairly dashing (could be biased here)!

I genuinely can’t fault the product or the service. I’ve bought them before and would do again.

For Funky Giraffe in the UK, visit their website here: http://funkygiraffebibs.co.uk/
They also have an Australian website which you can visit here: http://funkygiraffe.com.au/


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