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Current finalist in the Reader's Choice category of Britmums #BiBs2017 

Winner of Best Comic Writer in the Mumsnet Blogging Awards 2016 
MADBlog Awards 2016 finalist in the 'Best New Blog' category.

Winner of #TribalChat Honesty Award (September 16) and #TribalChat Wisdom Award (January 17).

Where you can find me

Please visit me on Facebook for daily updates, awful fashion, memes and random crap, and follow on Twitter if you are so inclined for more of the same but shorter.

I have also joined Instagram but I'm no artist so it's mainly pictures of the kids doing stupid stuff and the occasional beverage. Definitely call in if that's your thing.

You can learn a bit more about me from my Liebster AwardMummy Tag and Blogger Q&A posts.

Every blog post I've written on this site is catalogued here for you to peruse.

I also write an original post every week for Babycentre. You can click the link for my author archives.

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