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Are you looking for a content writer, copywriter, social media manager or reviewer for your product or brand? Would you like to appear on this blog? Read on...
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You can download my media kit and blog statistics here.

Are you looking for...

Advertising space or sponsored post/social media placement?

If you think your brand would appeal to my readers, please contact me for my rates.

Somewhere to showcase your products?

I review items that appeal to me over on my review section. I also have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and share things I enjoy with my followers. I can host competitions via my blog or social media channels.

If you represent a brand with a focus on toddlers, or maybe even their long-suffering sleep deprived mums, then please do get in touch.

Somewhere to publish your written work? 

I don't accept guest posts on this website, at all. Please, don't ask.

I do however love featuring guest posts as long as they reach my editorial standards and fit in with the tone of the blog (i.e. are about parenting and related shenanigans and above all else appeal to my sense of humour) over on my collaborative website You Have to Laugh. You can submit your content here.

Note we do not accept posts via this channel for commercial link building purposes, please contact us for information on sponsored posts and rates (and please know that we can tell the difference!).

Someone to create content for you? 

As well as this blog, I write original content for BabyCentre and parent.co and I am a freelance writer creating non-parenting related web content.

If you're looking for someone to create content, and you think my writing style would fit your blog, brand, or business then I may be able to help. I can create copy and eye catching content for your website or literature to engage your target audience. Please email me for my freelancing rates.

Someone to proofread your work?

I do this too! Sometimes we all need a fresh pair of eyes.

Someone to build and manage your social media?

If you need someone to build a following and engage on your behalf, I'd love to be involved.

Advice on how to start your blog?

Er.... to be honest, there are probably better people you can ask. I'm basically winging it.

Please email fran@whingewhingewine.co.uk for more details.