Eight reasons to get a garden office

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We had our garden office, affectionately known as the shed, built in December last year.

Since then it’s come in really handy. I’d go as far as saying we wouldn’t have been able to cope without it. That sounds pretty dramatic, but my husband’s work closed their London office and the only reason he has been able to stay on with them for the past four months whilst he found a new job was because he’s had this space to work from.

Kitted out properly, with some prints, shelves, plants, a globe and a comfy office chair (because furniture at work is very important and worth investing in, so he tells me!) it’s actually become a really homely space, used every day for home working and then often into the evening when I’m blogging or Doug is playing computer games or whatever the hell he does down there.

I really rate the garden office

In fact, here are eight reasons that you should totally get a garden office of your own!

1) You can mentally ‘go to work’; physically leaving the house and moving into a dedicated space makes you more productive than sitting on your sofa in your pants with your laptop on your lap (as I’m doing now…) being interrupted every five minutes by annoying colleagues or salesmen.

2) The commute is awesome. No dealing with other people’s lack of hygiene and concept of personal space, no more getting ill ALL THE TIME, unless of course you have kids in which case you’ll have fewer illnesses than you would otherwise have, maybe.

3) The ‘inside a sauna’ look makes for a great background for holding meetings, or Facebook lives if you’re that way inclined.

4) You have privacy to make phone calls or Skype without little kids interrupting you unless they’re playing outside, but with the doors shut it’s still much harder for them to get all up in your business than when you’re in the same house. You remember that poor guy that went viral when the kids busted in on his important BBC interview? This one? Oh, how I laughed. Get yourself a shed, mate.

5) It also means that life can go on as usual in the house, and you can get on with your work entirely free from distraction. Raucous playdates, visits from the in-laws and building work can all happen in the house and you’re largely unaffected, which would never happen in an office in the house, believe me. Unless you choose to pop in and say hi, no one would even know you were there unless they venture down to the bottom of the garden.

6) It is also a great place to hide stuff from the kids, such as your impressive array of Star Wars Lego and decorate however you want even if it doesn’t necessarily fit in with the rest of the house.

7) You don’t have to work from them. They can be used as summer houses, play rooms…whatever you like, really. It is a lot cheaper than an extension, and you don’t need to go through planning to put one up which can be done in a matter of days. Ours is also masquerading as extra storage space, housing a table and three Ikea units from the house whilst we wait for the extension to be completed.

8) It gives you somewhere to escape to. Because let’s face it, sometimes you just want no one to touch or talk to you for a bit. And unlike the toilet, the kids can’t unlock it from the outside #Mumlife

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