How to remove the covers from an Axkid Minikid carseat

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A pictorial how-to showing you how to get off, change, remove the car seat covers from an Axkid Minikid carseat for cleaning and washing

If like us, your car seats need a bloody good clean, then hopefully this little step-by-step tutorial will help show you how to remove the covers from an Axkid Minikid carseat!

We were recently given the opportunity to test the Axkid Wolmax seats (review pending) and so thought we’d give the Minikid seat (tested here and used ever since!) covers a wash.

The might not look too bad from far away…


But close up… Urgh. Trust me.

It’s very easy to remove the Axkid Minikid seat from the car. The tethers unclip, and the seatbelt unfastens, and out it comes. It means it’s pretty easy to put back in too, as the tethers stay in place. Hurrah.

It’s probably worth cleaning the car too at this point. Yurgh.

The seats are quite heavy so take them to a room where you can set them down on the floor.

Start at the bottom of the seat at the front.

The covers are held to the bottom of the seat with a plastic clip underneath the fabric.

With plastic clip underneath

As you can see from the last image, I’ve prized the plastic clip up with a knife and then in a very unscientific way, pulled it until the teeth were free, and removed the clip. Make sure you set the clip aside somewhere safe.

Once removed, locate the two poppers on each side, and undo these.

Next, turn your attention to the back, and unzip it.

There are also poppers to undo; one on each side at the bottom.
You’ll be able to see where the straps feed in to the seat.
At the bottom, they are secured on a clip.
Thread them off of the clip, and through the front of the seat. It’s a bit fiddly but definitely possible!

You can then peel the covers from the bottom upwards. 

The covers are fixed into place by a rod running through the covers just below the headrest, this keeps the covers taught. Give this a wiggle and a pull and it will pop out. Remove the plastic rod and place somewhere safe.

There is velcro holding the top of the covers in place, so rip this off (it’s quite satisfying), peel the covers off around the head rest and it should all come off in one piece.
The headrest cover is held into place by a little bit of elastic around a hook, which you just need to push upwards with your fingernail to release.

And voila, one naked Axkid Minikid car seat.


We washed the covers on a 30 degree wash and let them air dry before attempting to put them back on, which you can do by following the instructions in reverse with a bit of added swearing (actually I felt it was a lot easier to get the thing back on than it was to get off!).
The trickiest bit is getting the rod back into place; I found sitting behind the chair and pushing the rod down into the seat helped. Make sure all poppers, zips and clips are done up.

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A pictorial how-to showing you how to get off, change, remove the car seat covers from an Axkid Minikid carseat

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