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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Fuzzikins Craft Campervan Carrycase review

Fuzzikins Craft Campervan Carrycase by Interplay review

I think we can all agree that much of this so called 'summer holiday' has been a bit of a wash out.

Crafting isn't something that comes naturally to me, but when you're faced with six weeks of no preschool and a lot of rain, needs must, and so I was happy to take the opportunity to review the Fuzzikins Craft Campervan Carrycase (age 4+) by Interplay.

In the Fuzzikins Campervan box is a campervan that opens up. It contains two Fuzzikins cats (one large one smaller), four colouring pens, sheets of stickers to colour in and decorate the camper van, and a little blanket for the cats to sleep under.

The campervan, which has working wheels and can be pushed along, doubles as a carry case.

The carry handle of the campervan pops off to make a surfboard for the Fuzzikins cats.
Inside the campervan there are a table and chairs, a driver's seat and a little cupboard that folds down to make a bed. 
You can use the pens to colour in the Fuzzikins cats, and the stickers, and then decorate the camerpvan with the stickers should you wish.

The whole lot goes back inside the campervan for storage.

There is a lot of scope for imaginative play with Fuzzikins Craft Campervan Carrycase.

It is essentially a little mobile doll's house and will be used for this purpose I'm sure.

However there is another dimension to play with the Fuzzikins and that's the crafting aspect; you can colour in the cats and stickers, and decorate your van. The kids took one each and coloured in their cats.

Are you ready for my children's artistic efforts? 

Masterful I am sure you will agree.
Just like the adverts and no parental input required.
The Fuzzikins Craft Campervan Carrycase is suitable from age 4+ although younger children will get a lot out of it too. OK, the cats may not be the most artistic (although I bet you can't tell which kid did which cat? I can't) but they had a lot of fun colouring them.

It's a fun little toy with a lot of uses and a lot of play potential.

We were given the Fuzzikins Craft Campervan Carrycase by Interplay free for the purposes of review but all words and opinions are mine. You can follow interplay on Twitter and Facebook. The RRP of the campervan is £19.99 which includes the cats, pens and stickers.

You can buy on Amazon here or from good toy shops.

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