Defuse or lose: Dynamite Dare game review

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Defuse or lose: Dynamite Dare board game review (Brainstorm)

This week we were sent the game Dynamite Dare from Brainstorm to try out and review.

Games are a great way to spend time as a family on the long, wet summer days we’ve been having recently. They’re a good activity to involve everyone, and I’ve been waiting a long time for the day when my daughter could play by actual rules set by somebody else.

We’re still a long way from whole-family fall outs over Monopoly, but the idea of taking turns is now no longer a strange one.

The Dynamite Dare game from Brainstorm is suitable from 4+ although even younger children will enjoy the concept (if not the turn-taking).

Defuse or lose: Dynamite Dare board game review

The aim of the game is to defuse the ‘bomb’ before it explodes; ‘Defuse or Lose’. 

Defuse or lose: Dynamite Dare board game review

You set the game up by pulling up the detonator plugs, pushing down the plastic arms on the back and balancing the ‘dynamite’ (three little foam rods) which fit (just about) on the back of the game.

You wind the clock up, flick the switch and the game begins!

Defuse or lose: Dynamite Dare board game review

Each player takes turns pressing a detonator plug and the wrong one will make the dynamite explode with a pop. If you run out of time, the dynamite will explode. But if you get the correct detonator plug, the timer will pop off and you win the game.

Defuse or lose: Dynamite Dare board game review

It is fairly similar in style to Pop-Up Pirate or perhaps Buckaroo – both childhood favourites – except that there is a clear winner as well as loser.

It says up to four players, but there are ten detonator plugs so you could have more.

The game is very fast paced, lending itself to multiple rounds, however the only downside to the game is that there is no method of tracking the winner. The packaging almost implies that there are ‘gold bars’ contained in the box, which would have been a nice little addition as well as making it easier to decide who had won at the end of the game.

Defuse or lose: Dynamite Dare board game review

(Sorry folks, my photography skills don’t quite stretch to capturing the moment it popped. I tried).

The RRP of Dynamite Dare is £19.99 which is maybe a bit on the pricier side. Although a lot of fun can be had, it is more likely to be played five minutes here and there than being something you will sit down to play for a while. There is definitely a lot of fun to be had though!

You can buy it on Amazon here or from large retailers.

We received the Dynamite Dare game for the purposes of this review but words are my own! You can follow Brainstorm Limited on Twitter here and on Facebook here.


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