A review of Lottie and Finn dolls

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A review of Lottie Snow Queen and superhero and Finn kiteflyer dolls + WIN a Lottie Snow Queen Doll

As the big one gets older, she has become a real girly girl; much more so than I ever was. 

She has eschewed anything remotely gender neutral instead preferring pink, dollies and princess dresses. The princessier the better, in her world. Sigh.

I first became aware of Lottie when we wrote this post. I liked her because she’s not a princess, but a normal little girl without jewellery, makeup or ridiculous proportions, but who you can still dress up and play with like any other doll. As a mother keen for my child not to grow up too soon, it appeals to me as a much more realistic image of what a child actually looks like.

Because we just had the one and her wardrobe was limited to the clothes she came with, she didn’t get played with as much as I’d hoped.

When Arklu, who make the Lottie dolls contacted me to review their products, I thought this would be a great way to get the big one to play with her Lottie doll more. It’s all about the wardrobe really.

There are loads of different Lottie dolls to choose from.

You can see the full range here. I let her choose one – surprise, surprise she chose the Snow Queen – and then I chose her a boy doll (Finn) to play with and a superhero outfit.

The Snow Queen doll comes with a dress, shoes, knickers and a fur stole, as well as a bag and masquerade mask.

Finn comes with a t-shirt, shorts, shoes, gillet (cos he’s fancy) and a kite.

The superhero outfit is an all-in-one with belt, boots, cape and mask.

When she saw it, her face absolutely lit up. 

Dollies are her most prized possessions.

I’m really pleased that Lottie now has new friends and outfits; it means she has been played with a lot more. I love watching her little imagination at work. Apart from help getting on trickier bits of clothing she barely remembers I’m there. Winner, I say.

Other things we liked about Lottie… 

The boxes they come in are cute and make the dolls and their wardrobe portable.

The dolls can stand up! None of her other dollies can do this.

They also come with a range of skin and hair colours, and of course there’s Finn, a boy doll who thankfully looks nothing like Ken, creepy mofo he is..

We received Lottie, Finn and the superhero outfit for the purposes of this review but words are my own! You can follow Lottie Dolls on Twitter here and on Facebook here, or go to their website for more details.

Would you like to WIN a Lottie Snow Queen Doll? Enter here! 

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Can’t see it? Go here to enter!

This is a UK only giveaway. Email addresses supplied will ONLY be used by Arklu and not supplied to third parties. The winner will be drawn at random on the closing date. The prize is one Lottie ‘Snow Queen’ doll, supplied by Arklu, and there is no alternative prize.


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