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Monday, 17 July 2017

Remote control inflatable Fluffy (Despicable Me 3 unicorn) review

Remote control inflatable Fluffy (Despicable Me 3 unicorn) review Bladez Toyz toys

We were asked by the nice folk at Bladez Toyz whether we'd like to review a remote control inflatable jumbo Fluffy.

I'll admit I was at first a little troubled by the email, however upon learning that Fluffy is in fact Agnes' unicorn from the Despicable Me films, I said a resounding yes.

If you have kids then you're bound to know that Despicable Me 3 is in the cinemas already. Maybe you don't, and you just like it anyway. No judgement here.

Back to Despicable Me 3; you'll probably be surprised to learn that we've seen it. It was our second trip to the cinema as a family (this was the first!). It's not something I will rush to do again as taking kids (even small ones who don't use their seat nor appreciate a film at all) is not a cheap thing to do, but they really did enjoy it. The big one's favourite part was apparently 'the Unicorn'* so this toy review looked promising.

The jumbo size Fluffy arrived boxed, and took only a minute or so to blow up and put together. 

You need to make sure you have batteries (4AAA for Fluffy and 2AA for the remote) or you'll be disappointed when it comes to putting it together. We did not experience any difficulty getting her working.
One of the nice things about Fluffy is that you can deflate it again before putting it away which is handy when you're lacking space as we currently are. Don't let your kids watch this bit, it could be mildly harrowing.
One deflated fluffy with a Duplo brick for scale
Fluffy is just over a foot tall when inflated (child for scale). She sits on a removable wheel base which moves her about via the remote control. She works best on hard flooring but still manages well on carpet.
Fluffy comes with a chunky remote control with one large button; you press up for 'forward' and down for 'rotate'; the simple operation can be mastered by a young child. It doesn't matter if they don't quite get it because unlike a remote control car or other hard toy it won't do much damage if driven repeatedly into the wall or TV stand.

So what's the verdict?

Well, the kids have never argued over anything more so I guess you could say it's a success. The small one having just turned two can't really operate it, but I am fairly impressed at the big one's navigational skills. When we have our extension I can envisage setting up an assault course (my husband has already confirmed that it will be hard flooring because toys work better on it. It's good to consider the important things).

Bladez also make two jumbo Minions (Tom and Mel) which, as well as being remote control, make Minion sounds. Fluffy meanwhile does not make any noise, which is a shame I'm sure you'll agree.

You can buy your own jumbo Fluffy via The Entertainer here for £24.99.

*Possible spoiler alert but there isn't an actual unicorn in it, but she is only three. Also, am I the only one troubled by the fact that Agnes did not get Fluffy back at the end of the film? I hope they sort this out in DM4. Thanks.

We were sent Fluffy for free for the purposes of this review - all words are my own. Follow Bladez Toyz on Facebook here and Twitter here for news of new remote control toy releases!

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  1. We loved this, it's so much fun and well made x


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