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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Meg Heath Dog Leads: Bespoke dog harness and car boot safety lead review

Meg Heath Dog Leads: Bespoke dog martingale harness and car boot safety lead review

Recently, I (or rather, our dog) was asked to test out some bespoke products from Meg Heath Dog Leads.

Meg Heath make a whole range of head collars, martingale collars and leads, but I thought the Martingale Dog Harness would be a perfect replacement for our current slightly very battered harness.

We are already harness converts; a harness allows a much more controlled walk than clipping a lead to a collar, and when you have a dog that is part whippet and can go from 0-30odd mph at the sight of a squirrel, it is a lot safer too!

The harness comes in a variety of colours (everything from baby pink to er...wine) but we chose red, because that's his favourite. He's so fancy. We also got him a padded breast section, because being a lurcher he's very thin-skinned (I mean literally; don't worry, you can call him all the names you like) and we have bought harnesses before which have rubbed and chafed.

We also chose a Car Boot Safety Dog Lead

This is a great idea; it clips from the harness to the extremely sturdy dog guard, and means that if we need to open the boot whilst en route, he won't jump out into traffic, or in the middle of a car park, or off and away after a sneaky cat. If I'm honest I'm always very wary of taking him places for this reason - particularly when I have two small children to get out as well, and this simple lead is perfect for the job of keeping him nice and secure until I'm ready to get him out.

So how did the harness fare?

In order to test the harness, we thought we'd take it out on a walk. With the dog inside it, obviously. With the harness adjusted correctly, it was easy to get on and there was no rubbing at all.
It was nice and secure; I am confident that we could leave him tethered for a while if need be with no escaping, and it made the walk a lot easier and safer than a collar walk.
When we took the lead off, the harness didn't stop him from running at top speed.
He's so graceful.
And then, just as it was all going so well...
We got it back. Eventually.

And as it happens, I can now confirm that the harness survived the washing machine on a short cycle, and is now dry and mud-free. Hurrah.

I'm delighted with the harness and lead. They are both really useful, well made products, which I have no doubt will see a lot of use,

If you have a pooch that you'd like to spoil, you can check out the Meg Heath Dog Leads range here. Join them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too!

This is a collaborative post, and the lead and harness were sent to me for the purposes of this review, but  all thoughts and words are mine. 

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